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City Council Meeting - Teleconference

  • Date: 06/02/2020 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm  
  • Location: Teleconference

You can now access all information related to upcoming City Council meetings through the City’s new CivicWeb Portal. The web-based paperless agenda management portal provides user-friendly navigation of meeting materials and information.  Agendas and packet materials are posted one week before the meeting.

Meeting Materials

The City of Hillsboro invites you to listen to the Tuesday, June 2 teleconference City Council meeting using the Zoom teleconference meeting details listed below.

Zoom Teleconference
Phone: 1-253-215-8782 or 1-301-715-8592
Meeting ID:872 6504 9097

Public Hearing Written Testimony: Email before 8 am on Tuesday, June 2 to provided written testimony. The agenda packet will be updated after 8 am with the testimony received via email. 

Public Hearing Teleconference Testimony: Pre-register to speak during the public hearing by providing your name and phone number, or Zoom name, to the City Recorder's Office before 8 am on Tuesday, June 2. During the public hearing, the Mayor will read down the list of those who pre-registered. When the Mayor calls out your name, you will have three minutes to speak. Members of the public using Zoom will not be able to share their screen during the meeting; presentation materials should submitted as written testimony. You can pre-register by emailing or calling 503-681-6269.

Public Comment, not related to the public hearing items, will not be received during this meeting but can be emailed to

Work Session: Following the regular session, the City Council will hold a Parks & Recreation Commission Annual Update work session, and a Hillsboro Arts & Culture Council Annual Update work session. If you would like to attend, stay on the line and the work session will start shortly after. A PowerPoint will be shared on the screen during the work sessions. If you are calling in via telephone and cannot see the screen, you can access a copy of the PowerPoint on the City Council agenda the day of.


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