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We All Can Be Prepared for Emergencies

City Manager's Report by Robby Hammond, City Manager

Emergency Preparedness KitNo one can control when an emergency will happen. But we can control how prepared we are. This fall,  the City of Hillsboro is taking additional steps to be ready to respond in emergencies.

Hillsboro's Civic Leadership Academy is exploring earthquake preparedness, with its members providing their diverse community perspectives on how the City could Robby Hammond — and should — address the most urgent needs after a disaster. City employees are researching emergency fuel reserve programs that would help ensure adequate fuel sources for City vehicles, if supplies were disrupted.

The Willamette Water Supply Program, partly owned by the City of Hillsboro, will create an additional and redundant, seismically resilient water source for Hillsboro water customers by 2026. Whether it's an earthquake or another emergency, we're actively preparing to meet the needs of our community when disaster strikes. You can do your part by ensuring you're ready to take action, too.

Are you prepared to be without power for days or weeks? Do you have enough food and water — for everyone in your home?

Ask Yourself: Are You Ready?

Make a plan – before an emergency. Ask these questions at your dinner table.

  1. Where is your emergency meeting place?
  2. Has everyone memorized each other's phone numbers?
  3. How will you take care of your pets?
  4. Who will pick up your children?
  5. How will you let others know you're OK?
  6. Does everyone's phone contain "In Case of Emergency" contacts?

See the full list of supplies you should have at

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