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The Hillsboro Public Library is For Everyone

by Robby Hammond, City Manager

Shute Park Branch LibraryMy family and I visit the Hillsboro Public Library regularly. Each time we do, I’m reminded of how important our libraries are to our community.

They are inclusive community gathering spaces. They provide access to free information to all. They illuminate and educate, and provide creativity and fun.

They serve people of all ages, income levels, cultures, and physical ability, providing a wide range of information and resources needed to live, work, and play.

When you approach the front doors of both the Brookwood and Shute Park libraries, you see window artwork and the bright “Welcome” in various languages that greet you and invite you into the building.

Inside, you can get help from knowledgeable library staff who love what they do, and discover an array of offerings, including the Library of Things, the Collaboratory (a makerspace), computers and WiFi, and an art gallery.

Children at the Library's StorytimeYou can also find homework help, event and study spaces, reading programs, and reading recommendations. Our library system is about so much more than just books.

You can even access many library services entirely online from your living room or wherever you have internet access.

With world-class and innovative services, our libraries are warm, welcoming, inclusive, and inspiring places where our entire community can gather, connect, and explore.

The Hillsboro Public library is truly for everyone/para todos.

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