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Watch the 2020 State of the City: You Count. We Count. Hillsboro Counts.

by Mayor Steve Callaway

Update: Watch the 2020 State of the City event

Housing. Homelessness. Sustainability. Equity. Streets. Sidewalks. Parks. Libraries. The 2020 Census. A tribute to Nabila Mazzouz. Police. Fire & Rescue. Water. Jobs. Barley the Hop... and more.

2020 State of the City photo websize

Watch Hillsboro's 2020 State of the City on Facebook and skip ahead to the parts that interest you most by using these time codes:


10:20 Mayor Callaway begins

13:20 Council recognition

14:30 Councilor Fred Nachtigal via video

17:40 Audience recognition

20:20 HSD graduation rates

22:30 Equity focus

24:55 Councilor Olivia Alcaire on the 2020 Census

29:05 2020 Census Video debut

32:00 Building on Equity

36:15 Councilor Rick Van Beveren on Fire & Rescue and Police


41:00 Economic Development

49:05 Councilor Beach Pace on Sustainability

53:40 Councilor Kyle Allen on the Hillsboro Public Library

57:15 Parks & Recreation

58:40 Remembering Nabila Mazzouz

1:01:50 Gordon Faber Recreation Complex

1:03:40 Hillsboro Hops & Barley with the Trophy

1:06:30 Councilor Anthony Martin & daughter Juniper on Transportation and Public Works

1:10:00 Housing and Planning

1:11:00 Affordable Housing

1:12:45 Homelessness

1:14:00 Camp EAGLE

1:14:40 HiLight

1:15:30 HSD HiLight connections

1:15:55 2035 Community Plan

1:16:40 Water

1:19:00 Hydrant Hysteria Live Demonstration

1:22:30 Annual photo

1:23:30 Hillsboro Counts video

1:24:00 Mayor Callaway concludes


A letter from Mayor Callaway

The State of the City is one of my most enjoyable experiences as Mayor. It’s one way for our growing community to stay connected to each other.

By attending in person, or watching on Facebook Live, you allow us to share what our City and community have accomplished in the past year, what we are focused on for the year ahead, and the direction we are headed in the years to come. Thank you for the privilege of providing this annual update.

One thing I particularly enjoy is the participation of City Councilors. They give their time and energy all year to serve our community. This is an opportunity to recognize their role in the successes Hillsboro residents enjoy.

Our theme for this year is “You count. We count. Hillsboro counts.” 

One of the most important things we can do as residents of America and Hillsboro is participating in the 2020 U.S. Census. It’s so important, it’s required by the United States Constitution!

CensusGetting an accurate count of everyone in Hillsboro — regardless of your citizenship — and throughout Oregon is vital to receiving federal funding for education, roads, health care, and many more important programs.

With the 2020 Census, we have an opportunity to see our Oregon values and priorities well represented in Washington, DC by adding a sixth congressional seat in the state — if everyone is counted.

You count. We count. Hillsboro counts. I hope we see you on January 30, when we’ll talk about this and much more.

Key 2020 Census Numbers

1: Census Day is April 1, 2020, when every home in America will have received an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census.

3: You have three options to respond to the 2020 Census: online, by mail, or by phone.

9: There are nine questions on the 2020 Census.

13: Oregon received more than $13 billion in federal funds in FY 2016 based on 2010 Census data.

1790: The first Census took place in 1790

2020: Everyone needs to be counted for the 2020 Census.

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