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A Message from Hillsboro Police Chief Jim Coleman

We are recommitting to all of the aspects contributing to safe and equitable public safety in Hillsboro.
Post Date:06/08/2020

The Hillsboro Police Department (HPD) values the unique opportunities our diverse community presents to those who live, work, and visit, along with the right of every person to thrive in this great environment. We hold sacred the lives and aspirations of our Black community members and all communities of color and diversity. Every person in America has the right to live without fear of death, injury, or deprivation at the hands of racism, discrimination, or poor police practices.

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25 revisited these fears upon our country and community. No matter how vile and inhumane we as Hillsboro Police officers find the actions leading to his death, we must accept the fact they were perpetrated in a police uniform by a police officer. We know this fractured and eroded the trust we strive for each day with those we desire to serve.

For many reasons, including out of respect for George Floyd, his loved ones, and all victims of racism, we are recommitting to all of the aspects contributing to safe and equitable public safety in Hillsboro. To that end, we have replied to numerous individual inquiries and expressions of concern, and we welcome the continued dialogue with community members. Additionally, the department immediately began to reassess our measures of prevention and accountability.

We are participating in a Hillsboro City Council work session on Tuesday, June 16 at 6 pm via Zoom video conference. View the Zoom teleconference information. The session will be focused on where Hillsboro Police stands on policies and practices designed to reduce incidents of excessive use of force, injuries, and death. These approaches are known by multiple references, including “8 Can’t Wait.”  Many of these approaches are already in place at HPD through existing policy or training, while others require a careful and thoughtful examination of practicality and intent.

As Chief of Police, I believe our department is positioned to be a model of how a police agency can be an asset to its community. As part of the City of Hillsboro’s hiring process, HPD asks every potential employee to articulate this to us when they are considered for a position. We have the means for success through the adoption of the highest ideals and by leaning on the deep and historic partnerships with individuals and organizations from all corners of our community nurtured every day by the men and women of HPD. We can never be fully successful without the trust of our communities of color, especially our Black community, and we are committed to earning it every day.

~Jim Coleman, Chief of Police

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