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NE Jackson School Road Project Progress Report: Upcoming Road Closure

During the COVID-19 crisis, there is much uncertainty. What you can count on is the City of Hillsboro continuing to maintain critical infrastructure, performing essential day-to-day operations, and conducting roadway improvement projects all while ensuring social distancing and compliance with best public health practices. 

In March 2020, the City of Hillsboro began construction of the Jackson School Road Improvement Project to provide safe and active transportation options and improve neighborhood livability. 

In an effort to keep you and fellow community members up-to-date on project progress, the City of Hillsboro will be providing quarterly updates on the dedicated project webpage and to the email list:

1. Speed Zone Change
A temporary 25 Miles per Hour (MPH) speed zone change on NE Jackson School Road - from NE Grant Street to NW Evergreen Road – went into effect in late February 2020. The speed limit will return to 35 MPH toward the end of construction. 

Jackson School Road Temporary Closure and Detour Map - July/August 20202. Temporary Road Closure
During the life of the project, there will be three road closures along NE Jackson School Road to complete essential work, including the first scheduled for this summer.

From July 13 to August 13, 2020, all lanes of NE Jackson School Road – between NE Grant Street and NE Harewood Street – will be temporarily closed to replace the culvert south of Hamby Park.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Local access to homes with driveways on NE Jackson School Road – south of the closure via NE Grant Street, and north of the closure via NE Harewood Street - will be maintained at all times, with minor delays.
  • Local residents may experience some project-related noise during work time (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm).
  • During the closure, emergency responders will have priority access.
  • Service providers – such as the postal service and garbage haulers – will be notified to limit service disruptions to affected homes.
  • There will be construction equipment and trucks temporarily located at, near, and around the culvert replacement site by Hamby Park.
  • Hamby Park will remain partially closed during this time.
  • The detour for through traffic will be NE Harewood Street to NW Glencoe Road, to NE Grant Street. (see attached map)
  • This work is weather dependent, and dates may change. However, this work must occur during the allowable in-water work period (July 15 to September 15), as required by federal permit.

3. Help Protect Our Workers
The City of Hillsboro is committed to continuing to deliver essential projects while protecting the health and safety of our workers and Hillsboro community members. With safety on the forefront of our minds, the City is taking safety precautions on our work sites and offices.

Please help support our crews working on this project – and other projects in the City – by:

  • Keeping Your Distance: For the health and safety for everyone, please give crews the space to complete their work while maintaining proper distance.
  • Slowing Down: Speed is a major factor in crashes. If you must drive in a work zone, follow the speed limit and pay attention to the road conditions ahead of you.
  • Using an Alternate Route: If possible, avoid streets with posted work zones.
  • Obey Speed and Warning Signs: Work zone signs are for anyone traveling through – whether the person is walking, biking, rolling, or driving. They are there for your safety and will help prevent a collision.
  • Carefully Move Over: When possible, give workers more room between them and your vehicle, but do not veer into an oncoming traffic lane.
  • Maintain Extra Space: Rear-end crashes are extremely common in work zones. Maintain extra space between you and the person in front of you at all times.
  • Expect Delays: Our goal is to get you through our work zone safely, while also completing our street improvements in an efficient manner. Please be patient.

Project Overview
Currently, NE Jackson School Road is a two-lane roadway with an intermittent center turn lane, intermittent sidewalks, limited roadway lighting, and no bicycle facilities. On average, approximately 8,000 vehicles travel on NE Jackson School Road each day. This is projected to increase to approximately 10,000 vehicles per day in the next 20 years.

Improving the Jackson School Road corridor has been part of the area's Transportation System Plan for more than four decades. The key goals of the project are to:

  • Improve access to and from NE Jackson School Road and adjacent residential neighborhoods for all modes of travel.
  • Encourage active transportation by providing enhanced bicycle and pedestrian facilities.
  • Construct a roadway to meet current and future demands.

Project improvements will include curbs, sidewalks, raised bike lanes, a continuous center turn lane, and signage and sight distance improvements, as well as underground utilities, storm drainage upgrades, and the addition of street lighting and landscaped planter strips with street trees.  

The project is on schedule for completion in fall 2022. The current timeline is:

  • Undergrounding utilities: Spring 2020 through summer 2021
  • NE Grant Street to NE Sunrise Lane: Spring 2020 through winter 2021
  • NE Estate Drive to NW Evergreen Road: Winter 2021 through fall 2021
  • NE Sunrise Street to NE Estate Drive: Fall 2021 through fall 2022
  • Harold Eastman Memorial Rose Garden: Roses are scheduled to return home in fall 2022

Stay in the Know
Find additional project details on the Jackson School Road Project webpage, in the Frequently Asked Questions, signing up to receive email updates, or by contacting the City directly:

  • Construction Hotline: 503-681-5399
  • Email
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