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Traffic in South Hillsboro: What's the Plan?

Post Date:03/07/2018 2:09 pm

Image of audience at South Hillsboro open houseAbout 400 people attended the South Hillsboro open house meeting in February to discuss new roads, housing, and traffic impacts. Below are specific answers to some of the questions asked at the open house about traffic in the area. You can also watch a short video recap of the open house.

What has the City done to plan for 20,000 people living in — and driving around — South Hillsboro?
South Hillsboro will offer a welcoming, new place for people to call home. Over nearly two decades, City of Hillsboro planners have considered the traffic that new residents will bring. The City is making changes to streets and intersections to relieve congestion, reduce commute times, and improve safety.

Will we have new roads to accommodate the extra cars?
The expansion of Cornelius Pass Road and Blanton Street, including new signals at three intersections, will provide a
north-south alternative to 209th Avenue. Also, the expansion of Blanton Street will create a new east-west option separate from TV Highway, making walking and cycling safer and easier.

What roads will close when the expanded Cornelius Pass Road and Blanton Street open?
67th Avenue (formerly 229th Avenue) will close south of TV Highway and will no longer cross the railroad tracks.Image of South Hillsboro road construction
A few private-access roads also will close. These changes could happen as early as this summer.

Why does the 67th Avenue/TV Highway intersection need to close?
Creating the new railroad crossing requires that other crossings be closed to meet train storage and operations requirements. The expanded Cornelius Pass Road will handle the increased traffic volume better than 67th Avenue. Drivers won’t deal with the bump they face on 67th Avenue south of TV Highway because the Cornelius Pass Road railroad crossing is level.

What if traffic gets worse?
As new roads and intersections open and people find their most efficient routes,
the City will monitor the changing traffic patterns and adjust as necessary. 

What is the City doing to encourage South Hillsboro residents not to drive?
South Hillsboro will include development of world-class bicycle infrastructure to improve safety and encourage commuting by bike. With a 15-mile network of trails and walkable districts, it will be easy for residents to leave their cars at home.

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