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Brookwood Library Buzz: How a Local Beekeeper Saved Honeybees

Post Date:03/08/2018 3:59 pm

Honey Bee Tree DeliveryHoneybees are dying at an alarming rate due to Colony Collapse Disorder, but recent action from a team of City of Hillsboro employees at Brookwood Library, local arborists, and a local beekeeper, all helped ensure a large, active hive of honeybees would survive in a new location.

After arborists from Northwest Tree Specialists determined a diseased and hazardous tree in the Library's parking lot needed to be removed, they discovered the hive of honeybees living inside. City of Hillsboro staff recognize honeybees are crucial to our ecosystem and understand how important it is to undertake a sustainable, friendly approach to the removal of their habitat. Fortunately, a beekeeper named Jeff based in North Plains agreed to have the diseased tree delivered to his property (with the hive inside). Jeff deemed it a safe time to move the bees in February because they were clustered together to stay warm through the winter months.

In late February, a large part of the tree was cut and removed vertically by crane, and a log approximately seven feet tall was placed in Jeff's trailer in a standing position, so as to not crush the honeycombs. The removal team used the base log on the ground to support the standing log. The standing log was then craned out to its new location on Jeff's property.

Honey Bee Tree at its new home

Now in North Plains, the bees are safe and thriving in their new environment, thanks to everyone involved in the process of saving them, particularly Northwest Tree Specialists and Jeff the beekeeper, who made the move possible. Honey Bee Tree Moving






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