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School Safety Remains a Top Priority for Hillsboro Police and the School District

Learn more about the Hillsboro Police Youth Services Team and their role in facilitating safe school environments that foster and support our youth.

Post Date:03/20/2018 9:54 am

SRO teamRecent events nationwide have brought school safety to the social and political forefront.  At Hillsboro Police Department (HPD), our Youth Services team works closely with the Hillsboro School District in a number of ways to make safety a top priority. 

The HPD Youth Services division is made up of seven detectives (School Resource Officers or SROs) and one sergeant.  They are an integral part of the schools, engaging daily with District administration, individual school staff and students.  That relationship makes them a part of the fabric of our schools.

Hillsboro SROs serve many needs in the schools beyond calls for service.  They sit on the school's safety team.  They participate in school specific threat assessments and help plan for the school's safety into the future.  They also lead trainings with our school district partners, to include lockout and lockdown training, and conduct after action reviews with school administrators and staff for every lockout and lockdown that occurs.

Other ways they engage and serve the safety interests of Hillsboro youth and families:

  • Mentorship
  • Home visits
  • Daily check-ins with troubled kids
  • Attendance and student behavior management
  • Bullying intervention
  • Anti-bullying, cyber, personal and dating safety, as well as drug awareness education
  • Work directly with the Washington County Juvenile Department
  • Conduct private school safety trainings
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Resource referrals

If you have questions or want to reach out directly to your child's SRO, go to the Hillsboro Police Youth Services Page. We'd love to hear from you!

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