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Beautify Your Yard With Crime Prevention in Mind

Deterring unwanted behavior on your property is as simple as planting hostile vegetation.

Post Date:04/24/2018 2:19 pm

Rose with Thorns thumbnailIt's planting season, and bringing some additional spring color to your yard can add to the attractiveness of your home and property.  But planting something beautiful with thorns or stickers may bring the added benefit of deterring criminal and/or unwanted behavior on your property. 

Placing hostile vegetation under a window may deter a burglar from accessing your home through a window; placing it along a fence line could cause taggers to think twice before applying graffiti. Some types of hostile vegetation can even be used as a hedge to keep people out - just be sure it's not so high as to create an area of concealment!

We encourage you to check with your local garden center or nursery to find out what types of hostile vegetation would work best for your yard. For additional crime prevention information visit: Crime Prevention & Safety.

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