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City Manager's Report: Hillsboro's "Smart City" Approach is... Smart

Post Date:05/10/2018 4:37 pm

Illustration of a city with connected technologyHow comfortable are you with technology? Are you an engineering expert? Do you prefer your trusty typewriter? However you feel, our City’s goal is to help you and your neighbors enjoy the benefits of living in a smart city.

We manage and maintain more than $1 billion in City assets — including streets, sewers, water pipes, parks, libraries, plazas, buildings, and the City’s right-of-way next to public roads. We have a responsibility to evaluate how Hillsboro’s network of infrastructure can best serve residents and businesses.

Hillsboro already is a “Smart City” – and getting smarter. Here are some of the ways the City is coordinating smart uses of technology and infrastructure:

  • A traffic signal network that improves safety, mobility, and efficiency
  • A network of LED (Light Emitting Diode) street lights to improve lighting for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers; provide faster repairs and replacements; reduce energy use; and, decrease maintenance costs
  • Public WiFi service at the Hillsboro Civic Center and beyond
  • Sensors that monitor irrigation in Hillsboro parks to save water
  • A high-speed fiber network that serves City facilities, schools, and community partners - a network that could also provide affordable high-speed internet access to all community members.

City employees anticipate how technology will impact our future service needs. We’re considering everything from autonomous vehicles to how to incorporate new technology into homes and other infrastructure.

Connecting our infrastructure to better serve you is the logical progression of our work. In the simplest terms, Hillsboro’s Smart City approach is…smart.

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