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What the Greatest Soccer Players Have in Common with Hillsboro

By City Manager Michael Brown

Post Date:06/14/2018 2:10 pm

Photo of Michael Brown, City ManagerThe world’s best soccer players are competing on the football fields of Russia right now for the coveted World Cup.

These gifted, world-class athletes are at the height of their profession and yet, along with their coaches, they continually search for some small advantage or new strategy that may be the difference between winning the Cup and going home empty-handed.

It strikes me that the City of Hillsboro has something in common with the historically great players. Like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar, our employees constantly seek self-improvement and take it upon themselves to be more effective in delivering City programs and services. One example of this is Eureka!, our process improvement system.

Private companies sometimes use the Lean Six Sigma approach to improve productivity and quality. Similarly, Eureka! challenges City of Hillsboro employees to use their unique perspectives and life experiences to bring about simple, yet significant changes.

City of Hillsboro employees at a Eureka! workshop.
City of Hillsboro employees working on a Eureka challenge together

As a result, our employees acquire new skills and develop camaraderie during the team-building opportunity. They unleash their creativity knowing they have equal say and equal footing, regardless of job titles or work history.

Our employees transform our City government by identifying simple actions to improve effectiveness — benefiting residents and businesses by delivering greater value.

We’re grateful to have earned your trust and confidence in our decades of providing quality services and programs, but we will never stop searching for that extra advantage that will make us the best local government in the world. Is there a World Cup for that?


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