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Hillsboro City Council Honored Former Mayor Shirley Huffman

Shirley Huffman 2014The Hillsboro City Council observed a moment of silence in recognition of former Mayor Shirley Huffman’s life and her remarkable contributions to the community during the Council meeting on Tuesday, July 3, inside the Shirley Huffman Auditorium (named in honor of Mayor Huffman) at the Hillsboro Civic Center.

News of Huffman's passing at the age of 89 was reported by the Hillsboro Tribune and The Oregonian on Sunday. First appointed to the Hillsboro City Council in 1979, Shirley Huffman continued to serve as Councilor until she became Hillsboro's first female mayor in 1985, serving until 1993. 

“I first met Shirley in 1996, a few years after she left office. Shirley was one of the most humble, selfless, and visionary public servants I have ever met. I am honored to have called her a friend, and I am personally indebted to her leadership," said Mayor Steve Callaway. "Shirley’s legacy will live on, and her importance to our community cannot be overstated. Many of the things we take for granted in Hillsboro, such as the MAX line continuing past 185th Avenue to Downtown Hillsboro, the large presence of high-tech industries, the high quality of City of Hillsboro services all are a product of her leadership."

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Huffman moved to Hillsboro in 1954 with her husband Tom. They worked together at his law practice, where Shirley served as paralegal and office manager.

The Mayor’s job was part-time and unpaid when Huffman held office, yet she was known to work between 35 and 40 hours each week on behalf of the City. Her advocacy helped extend the term of mayor from two years to four years, in order to give the Mayor more time to 

In 2000, Huffman’s many contributions to the City were recognized in the naming of the Shirley Huffman Auditorium at the Public Services Building – then shared by the City of Hillsboro and Washington County. When the City of Hillsboro relocated across the street to the Hillsboro Civic Center in 2005, Huffman’s name stayed attached to the Public Services Building.accomplish goals. 

In January 2015, the auditorium at the Civic Center was officially named the Shirley Huffman Auditorium in her honor.



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