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An Open Window is an Open Invitation for Crime

Don't let the heat of summer leave you vulnerable to a break-in.

Post Date:08/06/2018 2:48 pm

Window Open thumbnailMany criminals may be motivated to steal, but be assured most want to exert the least amount of energy possible on the path of least resistance.  Your open windows - especially on the first floor -  and doors make that possible.  The simplest way to minimize your chances of a break-in - lock 'em up!

Hot summer days and warm evenings without air conditioning certainly make it tempting to leave windows or sliding glass doors open for ventilation.  But in doing so, you’re opening yourself up to being a target.  If you must, open your windows no more than a couple of inches, and use a window lock to secure it.  If you leave the house, close and lock the windows. 

Upstairs Windows
Some people feel safe leaving a second or third floor window open.  While the chances of entry by an intruder through an upstairs window may be less than on the ground level, remember there may be items in your yard that could give a burglar a boost - trees, ladders stored alongside a home, a table, lattice or even a vehicle parked closely.  Beyond that, an open second or third story window poses a very dangerous environment for a young child who could easily fall out.  

Window Air Conditioners
Whether on the first floor or above, always mount a window air conditioner using the included hardware.  You may want to consider installing additional hardware - metal bars and brackets - for greater reinforcement. 

Garage Doors
This time of year also brings more thefts from garages which have been left open and unattended.  Bicycles, golf clubs, and tools are prime targets.  Please, if you’re not within view of your garage, close it!

And if you do become a victim of crime please report it by calling Non-Emergency Dispatch, 503-629-0111.


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