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New Community Development Department Led by Dan Dias to Enhance Staff Coordination, Customers' Experience

Post Date:08/29/2018 4:35 pm
Community Development Director Dan DiasHillsboro businesses, builders, and contractors will enjoy a coordinated customer experience as the City of Hillsboro shifts its staffing structure to improve efficiency and effectiveness in delivering exceptional results for the community.

The newly created Community Development Department will integrate staff from two existing City departments — Planning and Building — under one department name and with one Director, Dan Dias, who will continue serving as the Director of Hillsboro’s Economic Development Department as well.

As Economic and Community Development Director, Dias will be responsible for coordinating and centralizing the strategic planning for these critical areas. The combined focus will enhance the City’s economic development initiatives, overall community development programs, and the community’s relationships with City government.

“The City of Hillsboro serves more than 101,000 residents — as well as businesses, community organizations, and visitors — yet, we remain nimble and responsive as a mid-sized community to make important, lasting organizational adjustments that will position us for continued success in the future,” City Manager Michael Brown said.

“Dan is particularly well-suited for this leadership role with his experience and vision,” Brown said. “Dan blends a pursuit of innovation with an understanding of what can realistically be achieved and delivered. In addition, Dan is an excellent communicator who will strengthen our coordination — both internally and externally in the region — while leading, collaborating, negotiating, and basing decisions with the City’s best interests in mind.”

Under common leadership, employees working in the Community Development Department will continue to work closely with Economic Development staff, who will continue to prioritize support for business relationships, retention, and growth. Economic Development staff will remain focused on leading in industrial site readiness, entrepreneur and small business support, workforce development, and Downtown redevelopment and revitalization initiatives.

“Hillsboro continues to prioritize our support for local businesses so that our community remains competitive for existing businesses to grow and new businesses to locate here and succeed,” Dias said. “At the same time, we will continue our tradition of excellence in long-range planning and growth management. And we will ensure that our city has sufficient land for future industrial, commercial, residential, and public needs.”

Under the new Community Development Department, a Transportation Division will be created to elevate the City’s work to develop a long-range transportation funding strategy, and to provide guidance and advocacy for critical local and regional needs for multimodal infrastructure. Priorities will include freight mobility to support local and regional businesses, a fully integrated traffic control system for all streets, and continued efforts to create a complete sidewalk and bicycle system throughout Hillsboro.

The City’s plans review and development permitting processes will be evaluated and improved where needed to better serve customers. The areas of affordable housing, urban design, and long-term sustainability and environmental planning will receive increased emphasis and support as a result of the restructuring. Brown points to the City’s many partnerships and ability to adapt to changing conditions, as key reasons why Hillsboro remains the tallest tree in the Silicon Forest.

“The Hillsboro 2020 and 2035 Community Plans embody the reason we’ve been successful: It takes numerous community partners to achieve sustainable and meaningful development, programs, and services; and to address difficult issues and problems,” Brown said. "Our City has a proud tradition of visionary thinking. We’re known for long-term planning, strategic fiscal leadership, and high-quality, value-driven services. This structural shift reflects who we are as City of Hillsboro employees, and our continuous efforts to improve and provide exceptional customer service.”

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