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An Action Plan to Make Hillsboro More Creative and Welcoming

The cover of the Hillsboro Arts Action Plan showing community members creating art.Everyone in Hillsboro deserves access to high-quality arts and culture.

The question is “How?”

The answer begins in the City of Hillsboro’s newly adopted Cultural Arts Action Plan.

Developed in 2017 and 2018 with a broad range of diverse community voices and ideas, the Cultural Arts Action Plan builds on the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan and other strategic City plans to make Hillsboro more creative and welcoming.

The Cultural Arts Action Plan’s 21-member Steering Committee worked with community members and partners to evaluate Hillsboro’s current creative assets, then to identify future opportunities to embed creative expression and cultural experiences in the daily life of every neighborhood in Hillsboro.

Here are the Action Plan's five strategic initiatives:

1. Generate greater awareness of arts and culture activities

  • Identify where and how community members want to get information
  • Centralize communication of arts and culture information Singers and dancers posing for a photo.
  • Increase outreach to non-English speaking community members 

2. Encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion in arts and culture

  • Increase engagement, partnerships, and support for diverse artists and audiences
  • Expand opportunities for those from under-served populations and those with disabilities
  • Create new, inclusive City events that represent the diversity of Hillsboro residents

3. Increase opportunities and support for creative expression

  • Encourage and help develop new spaces for artists and artisans to showcase their creations
  • Improve City parks to better function as venues for arts and cultural activities

4. Interweave public art throughout HillsboroDancers performing on stage.

  • Fund, select, and install a landmark public art project that is a Hillsboro attraction
  • Expand public art projects and promote art in public places and spaces

5. Improve the economic strength of Hillsboro's creative sector

  • Illuminate the economic impact and value of arts and culture in the community
  • Increase funding, professional development, and programming support for artists and organizations

Read the complete Action Plan.

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