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3 Steps to Avoid Clogging Your Pipes

When fats, oils, and grease — or “FOG” — accumulate in your kitchen sink, they can do more than clog your drain. They can also cause a sanitary sewer backup. Cooking oil, meat fats, gravy, soups, butter, and sauces can coat the inside of your pipes — eventually blocking them. A grease scraper, can lid, and instruction booklet from Public Works. The scraper reads Freeze the Grease. Save the Drain!

Use these three ways to prevent clogged pipes:

  • Pour grease in a can and freeze it
  • Wipe greasy dishes with a paper towel before washing
  • Discard food scraps, fats, oils, and grease into the garbage

You can pick up a free food scraper and grease lid inside the Hillsboro Public Works Facility at 4415 NE 30th Avenue, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. Learn more on our Fats, Oils, and Grease webpage.

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