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City Manager's Report: Thank You to Everyone Who Makes Hillsboro a Winning Team

By City Manager Michael Brown

Post Date:01/03/2019 9:32 am

Public Works staff talking to a community memberThe Super Bowl is approaching and the touchdown celebrations will be featured on the highlights. But while quarterbacks, running backs, and wide receivers often are in the spotlight, the real credit belongs to hundreds of people.

From teammates who humbly sacrifice their bodies to block, to disciplined defensive players whose enduring effort keeps the team in the game, to coaches who work grueling hours to create a plan for success, everyone including the trainers, the scouts, the owners — even the fans — have an impact on the events leading up to the big plays.

Look past the choreographed dancing in the end zone and you can appreciate the bigger picture. The team matters most. The team deserves the credit. This is true for any sport, or any team environment outside of sports. And this includes the City of Hillsboro.

Parks and Recreation staff presenting to the publicCity of Hillsboro firefighters and police officers are among the best in the world at taking care of residents and providing public safety services. They rely on a team of people working behind them who are indispensable — and who you likely never will meet.

Behind each Hillsboro officer and firefighter are dispatchers who calmly receive calls for help and initiate a response. Experienced employees help purchase vehicles and equipment to safely get to the scene. Inspectors and investigators help determine what happened. Records clerks carefully log calls and reports. Managers ensure accountability and professional excellence. And trainers help these professionals to perform at the highest level.

Think about the City of Hillsboro buildings and facilities you visit: SHARC, Brookwood Library, Shute Park Library, the Community Senior Center, the Civic Center, and many others. Before you or anyone else sets foot inside, City building inspectors verify the building's structural safety. City engineers and designers create a great user experience within a project’s budget, while ensuring safety and functionality. A team of facilities & fleet professionals maintain and repair the buildings, the equipment, and more.

Building Department staff inspecting a buildingPublic Works employees improve City streets. Library staff help you find what you need. Parks & Recreation maintenance workers keep your favorite parks and green spaces safe and clean.

Behind each of these talented City employees is a team of professionals working to set them up for success. Finance experts care for the City’s $1.6 billion in assets, help keep projects on budget, and purchase equipment at the best possible rates.

Computer support professionals protect the City’s electronic assets, improve work productivity and efficiency, and use technology to help employees better serve residents and businesses.

Human resources staff recruit applicants who reflect the community’s values and are dedicated to public service. They hire and train these professionals, and ensure their safety and performance at work.

Janitorial staff maintain City buildings to ensure employees and customers are spending their time in a clean and safe environment. They are as critical to the team’s success, to the City’s success, as anyone else.

Water treatment plant operators. Administrative support specialists. Long-range planners. Communications professionals. Project specialists and managers. Interns. Program supervisors. Volunteer coordinators. And the list goes on.

The player who scores the touchdown should thank the offensive line, and the teammate who made the key block, and the coach who called the play and adjusted to the defense, and the trainer who put them in the best physical condition to succeed.

My point is: In life, you can do a dance to celebrate your own accomplishments, or you can recognize and thank your teammates, coaches, and mentors who helped you reach the end zone.

The City of Hillsboro exists to serve our community.

We do that as a team.

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