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Top 5 Highlights from the 2019 Hillsboro State of the City

Post Date:02/06/2019

Entertaining. Informative. Unpredictable. That sums up Hillsboro's 2019 State of the City.

Mayor Steve Callaway and the entire Hillsboro City Council discussed the many community partnerships that lead to success, and the progress made in addressing the Council's priorities.

Here are staff picks for the top 5 highlights from the 2019 State of the City:

  1. McKinney Elementary School students arrive via the "walking school bus" and recite the safety poem, led by the City's Safe Routes to School Program Coordinator Bernadette Le. (Video time —12:23)

  2. City of Hillsboro employees enter the auditorium riding bicycles from the City's "Boro Bikes" program. As they circle around Mayor Callaway, he explains the bike-sharing program allows City staff to commute to City facilities, ride to lunch, and get exercise during breaks. (Video time — 15:45)

  3. Hillsboro City Council members reveal fun facts about themselves during the "Name That Councilor" game show, such as how Councilor Kyle Allen earned the nickname "The Hammer," which City Councilor was in a rock band, and which Councilor worked presidential protection. (Video time — 22:28)

  4. Listening to a cover of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" with lyrics changed to explain all the things Mayor Callaway didn't have time to talk about during the address. The cover song, titled "We Didn't Go Five Hours" was performed by Ashley Wheeler from the City's Information Services Department. (Video time — 50:25)

  5. The group photo featuring audience members holding their hand up with a colorful glove. In a symbol of the Hillsboro community's unity, diversity, and resolve to continue working on behalf of vulnerable populations, the gloves were donated to local nonprofits that support community members who are experiencing homelessness and housing instability. (Video time — 56:15)


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