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Q & A: When can customers sign up for HiLight internet service?

We’re connecting schools, neighbors, and businesses to high-speed internet service. Read more to find out where and when the first customers will be able to connect.

Post Date:03/19/2019

Your world needs access to fast, reliable internet and the highest-quality customer service. That’s why we’re connecting Hillsboro’s schools, neighbors, and businesses to HiLight: Affordable high-speed internet that’s built for you and provided by the City of Hillsboro.

HiLight Logo

Why HiLight?

HiLight service will illuminate our community and build a stronger, better Hillsboro.

Why "HiLight?" Let's look into the name more closely.

“Hi” is a friendly hello from the people you know at the City of Hillsboro. It’s what you’ll type, share, and stream with your family, friends, and customers.

“Light” is the wonder of fiber-optic technology, glowing strands of glass that will have you surfing the web, uploading files, and getting work done at lightning speed. 

Learn more about the HiLight name and service values.

Two students sit on a couch with a tablet and laptopWhen can customers sign up?

The first customer connections will be made in two areas that present the greatest opportunity or have the most significant need: South Hillsboro and the Shute Park/Southwest Hillsboro neighborhood.

First, we’ll connect South Hillsboro, where we are installing our underground network as roads and houses are built. The first customers will be able to connect next winter.

Next, we’ll install our network in Shute Park/Southwest Hillsboro, where many families are living without high-speed internet service.

Over time, HiLight will expand to reach every resident, business, and nonprofit in Hillsboro.

How will the City build it?

A construction worker pulls orange conduit, or flexible pipe, from a large spoolPartnering with the Hillsboro School District, we are working together to connect schools to a super-fast shared fiber “backbone” that will serve as HiLight’s information superhighway and expand the City’s existing fiber network. The shared backbone will extend throughout the City and enable us to connect neighborhood networks as they are constructed. 

We’ll connect the first schools this summer, complete the backbone next winter, and hook up all 47 schools and District facilities by next spring.  

By working together, the Hillsboro School District will save as much as $5 million and the City of Hillsboro will save up to $10 million.

Making Connections

"Fiber huts" will link neighborhood networks to the backbone.

In South Hillsboro, a fiber hut will double as a play feature at the soon-to-open Century Oaks Park.  

For Shute Park/Southwest Hillsboro, we will build a hut into Shute Park’s backstage area as part of a planned expansion of the stage facilities.

Setting Up for Success

Providing excellent internet service requires qualified staff, top-notch software, and reliable equipment.

Over the past several months, we’ve hired four dedicated staff members to form the HiLight team. In addition, we are building out operations with support software, equipment, and a local call center.  

Why offer City-run internet? 

A young girl and senior gentleman wear headphones while using a laptopIn spring 2018, the City of Hillsboro made a long-term commitment to connect everyone in Hillsboro by providing affordable internet service at gigabit speed. 
HiLight service will: 
  • Cultivate business
  • Foster student success
  • Reduce barriers to internet access 
  • Strengthen City infrastructure
  • Protect net neutrality
  • Provide a local, affordable option to our community

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