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Hillsboro City Council Selects 2019 Priorities and Guiding Principles

2019 City Council group shot web sizeAdvancing safe transportation. Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Enhancing economic competitiveness.

The Hillsboro City Council adopted these and other 2019 priorities — and guiding principles — during its March 19 City Council meeting. 

2019 City Council Priorities

  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in City policy-making and in the delivery of services by adopting an equity statement, continuing DEI training, and utilizing an equity lens.
  • Support this year’s Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan five-year update and continue to position the City 50 years out for future success.
  • Encourage and support innovative long-term housing solutions, such as land banking, to promote the development of market-rate and regulated affordable housing, affordable homeownership opportunities for Hillsboro residents, and regional partnerships to address homelessness.
  • Explore the creation of a centralized and simplified low-income utility rate program to improve our ability to provide assistance to low-income residents.
  • Continue to develop Hillsboro’s municipal broadband utility to deliver reliable and affordable high-speed internet connections to Hillsboro residents, businesses, and schools.
  • Support efforts to advance and improve safety for all modes of transportation, including for pedestrians and bicyclists, public transit access and service options, freight mobility, and the reduction of traffic congestion.
  • Emphasize the continued revitalization of Downtown Hillsboro by increasing opportunities and support for cultural arts organizations.
  • Provide clear direction for how City of Hillsboro Boards and Commissions can best support the City Council and community by evaluating their functions and roles.
  • Lead and promote environmental sustainability initiatives, including support for electric vehicles, encouraging energy-efficient homes, and exploring a citywide residential composting program.
  • Continue Hillsboro’s tradition of excellence in public safety by utilizing crime statistics and data-driven solutions to become an even safer city.
  • Enhance our community’s economic competitiveness by attracting new investment and diversifying Hillsboro’s industrial base.

The Council's selected priorities are ongoing and can be created and completed within a one-to-two-year period with specific budget implications for the coming fiscal year; or, they may be long-range projects and programs that benefit from strong City Council participation and support.

Click here to see the 2018 City Council Priorities and Principles.

The annual list of priorities is developed from the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan, the City’s Strategic Plan, City departments’ Strategic Plans, and current major focus areas for the City as identified by staff and supported by the Council. The 2035 Community Plan’s vision statement reads:

In 2035, Hillsboro is a diverse, sustainable city known for success in blending urban lifestyle, a world-class local economy, agricultural heritage, and a welcoming, family-friendly community for an outstanding quality of life.

The list of the City Council’s Guiding Principles was updated from previous years as well.

2019 City Council Guiding Principles

  • Instill diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential parts of policy-making and the delivery of City services.
  • Remain the full-opportunity, full-service City that serves all of our diverse community members in areas including, but not limited to, public safety, job creation, arts and recreation, libraries, housing supply, civic engagement, and transportation.
  • Maintain community support for our public safety personnel and the vital services they deliver.
  • Continue the City’s tradition of exceptional stewardship and accountability for City assets, including maintaining appropriate fiscal reserves and funding long-term asset maintenance programs.
  • Maintain Hillsboro’s leadership role in supporting entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes through strategic economic development that grows prosperity in our community, region, and state.
  • Operate with transparency and openness.
  • Listen to and engage the community in decision-making.
  • Promote Hillsboro’s unique identity, while ensuring we grow and develop with consideration of our community’s agricultural roots and history.
  • Continue to plan ahead for the City’s future success by focusing on environmental, fiscal, and economic sustainability.
  • Support high-quality education and workforce development in Hillsboro.

As the name implies, the principles provide guidance on how to fulfill the City’s Mission Statement, which reads:

“The City of Hillsboro is dedicated to providing visionary leadership, delivering responsive municipal services, and fostering collaborative partnerships that enhance Hillsboro's hometown livability.”


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