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Slow Down, Take the Safe Driving Challenge

Post Date:04/18/2019

John Olsen traffic crash_041719In recent months, excessive speeding has contributed to at least three serious crashes in the City of Hillsboro. These crashes resulted in fatalities and damage to public infrastructure and private property.

Speeding endangers everyone using the roadway. In 2017, more than 26 people died each day in speeding related vehicle crashes nationally. We all know the frustrations of modern life and juggling a busy schedule, but speed limits are posted to protect all road users.  

Driving faster than the speed limit is more than just breaking the law. Speeding can affect:
  • A driver’s ability to control their vehicle
  • The effectiveness of driver and passenger safety equipment
  • The distance required to stop a vehicle - the faster a vehicle is moving, the greater distance is required to stop the vehicle
  • Severity of a crash and injuries - if a crash occurs, high speed crashes are often severe and can lead to more serious injuries
  • Fuel consumption and cost – driving at a higher speed requires more fuel

Hillsboro community members are asked to drive safely and within the posted speed limit. The City of Hillsboro posts standard speed zones identified in Oregon State Statutes:

  • 20 Miles per Hour (MPH) – business districts, such as Downtown Hillsboro, and school zones
  • 25 MPH – residential districts and public parks
  • 55 MPH – rural open highways

Other speed zones outside of these standards are set in coordination with the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

When we drive safely and appropriately, it has a positive effect on the driving habits of others. The more of us that take this challenge seriously, the greater opportunity exists for a positive impact on safety within our neighborhoods and our community.

The City of Hillsboro Police Department will be increasing speed enforcement across the City to encourage safe driving habits. Although many drivers think there is a legal grey zone on speeding, drivers may receive a speeding ticket in Hillsboro if they are driving even a mile or two over the speed limit.

If concerning driving behavior is observed within the City of Hillsboro, community members are encouraged to call 503-629-0111 to report the behavior. Traffic concerns can also be reported using the City's online form.


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