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Roadmap for Our Water Future

Upper-Tualatin RiverLong-term planning always has been a key component in the City of Hillsboro Water Department’s ability to meet customers’ needs in a growing and diverse community. All customers benefit from a highly reliable and redundant water system, much of which was planned decades ago.

In continuing with those efforts, the Hillsboro Water Department has updated the Water Master Plan, which help guides the wise use of water supplies over the next 20 years. 

The plan examines the City’s water system, recommends Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects, and details strategies for continuing to provide a safe, reliable, and sustainable water supply and service to customers in a cost-effective manner well into the future.

The plan was unanimously approved by the City of Hillsboro Utilities Commission on June 11, 2019, after a two-month public input period and public hearing. 

Copies of the Water Master Plan and appendixes are available on the dedicated webpage, as well as on the third floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center and at the Hillsboro Brookwood Library and Shute Park Library.

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