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10 Ways to Use Water Efficiently Indoors & Outdoors

Post Date:06/28/2019

Water-Efficient Indoors

Faucet 1Indoor, unlike outdoor water use, is largely the same year-round. That is good news, because it means a few water-saving measures can save a lot on indoor water consumption.

  1. Replace an older toilet with a WaterSense-labeled high efficiency toilet. Older toilets can use up to four times more water per flush. In addition, Hillsboro Water Department offer rebates to help you save money when you upgrade to water-efficient toilets and washing machines.
  2. Regularly check for and repair water leaks. Even small leaks can waste hundreds to thousands of gallons of water a month. Learn how to be a ‘leak detective’.
  3. Take shorter showers. Each minute you shave off your shower time saves up to 2.5 gallons of water.
  4. Install high-efficiency showerheads and bathroom and kitchen aerators. Both of these devices – which can help save about one gallon of water per minute – are available for free on the first floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center
  5. Scrape instead of pre-rinsing dishes. Save yourself up to 20 gallons of water a month by scraping food off your dishes instead of pre-rinsing them.

Water-Wise Outdoors

SprinklerDuring warm summer months, Hillsboro community members often spend time outdoors tending to lawns, growing gardens, and washing cars — all activities that can significantly increase water use. Here are some simple ways to be water-efficient outdoors:

  1. Adjust sprinklers so they water your lawn and garden, not the street or sidewalk.
  2. Water before 10 am or after 6 pm when temperatures are cooler to minimize evaporation.
  3. Set it, but don’t forget it! Whether you have a manual or automatic system, be sure to adjust your watering schedules throughout the irrigation season. Find out how much to water each week this summer by signing up to receive your personalized Weekly Watering Number.
  4. Inspect your overall irrigation system for leaks and broken or blocked lines. A well-maintained system will save you money, water, and time.
  5. Install a weather-based irrigation controller. Hillsboro Water Department offers up to $200 rebate for an installed controller. Learn more online.
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