Community Arts and Culture Grant Program

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Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra

The Cultural Arts Grant Programs provide support for organizations providing arts and cultural experiences to the Hillsboro community. HACC grants provide much needed funds for arts programs, capacity-building, and core operating support. Grant eligibility varies by grant program, but all grants offered to share the goals of: supporting arts and cultural organizations serving Hillsboro and providing access to programs and fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable community.

Cultural Arts Performance Venue Grants:

The City of Hillsboro offers arts & cultural organizations and individuals or groups presenting cultural events the opportunity to apply for free use of specific event spaces. Performance Venue Grants offer use of the theater at the Walters Cultural Arts Center for a single performance on select dates from October 2020 through April 2021. The grant includes one rehearsal in the space, ticketing, limited marketing, audiovisual support, and a facility supervisor on site. Applicants must plan to market the event, meet ADA requirements, abide by venue and performance guidelines, and attend an orientation session on managing events at the Walters.