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Community Arts & Culture Grant Frequently Asked Questions

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  • HACC Grants

    • Can individual artists apply for a grant?

    • Can we apply for more than one grant at a time?

    • Do you provide Operating Grants?

    • How often can we apply for a grant?

    • I did not receive a grant this year. Can I contact the HACC for feedback before applying for next year?

    • I received a grant last year. Do I need to submit a final report before applying for another grant?

    • Is there a way for HACC staff to check my grant application to make sure that it is eligible?

    • Our organization does not have 501(c) 3 status. Can we still apply for a grant?

    • Our organization is in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status. Can we still apply for a grant?

    • Our organization received a grant last year. The same project is still in need of support. Can we apply for another grant for the same project?

    • What is a Taxpayer Identification Number or (TIN)?

    • What is the average grant amount?

    • What projects or expenditure DO you fund?

    • What projects or expenditures DON’T you fund?

    • What will lead to the immediate disqualification of my grant proposal?

    • When can grant funds be used?

    • Who is eligible for a grant?