HACC Logo Usage

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Granted organizations are required to incorporate the HACC logo into printed programs, advertisements, and other promotional materials. If you have questions, contact the HACC directly.

The HACC logo is available in both color and black and white. To download, click the logo below.

Please note: the HACC logo has been changed since the last grant cycle, so be sure to use the new logo when acknowledging funding.

When using the HACC logo in printed and electronic materials, we request that grant recipients do not alter the logo in any way. It is not appropriate to change the logo’s arrangement or color palette. Do not distort, stretch, or rotate the HACC logo in any way. Please also ensure that the logo is readable (i.e. not too small, etc) with adequate white space around it.

 HACC Logo Horizontal Color Small
HACC Logo Horizontal Black Small 

If you have any questions concerning the use of the HACC logo, please contact HACC staff.

Link to larger version of HACC Color logo Link to larger version of HACC logo Link to large version of HACC color logo