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Public Art Gallery

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Permanent Projects

Elemental Sequence

Elemental Sequence

Dann Nardi, 2019
Inspired by the area’s rolling hills, winding waterways, and towering trees, Elemental Sequence consists of a series of undulating vertical forms on either side of low, gently curving benches. Constructed from custom-tinted concrete, the piece evokes hills, trees, and a winding stream under a dynamic sky. 

Painting titled On Main Street in Downtown Hillsboro by Yong Hong Zhong

On Main Street in Downtown Hillsboro

Yong Hong Zhong, 2017
On Main Street in Downtown Hillsboro is a watercolor painting that won the 2018 Picture Hillsboro Award. The work captures a maple tree aflame with autumn color punctuating the view of Hillsboro's historic Downtown.

An abstract acrylic painting by Plata Garza features a collision of lines, shapes, and colors

The Conflict

Plata Garza, 2017
The Conflict is a painting by artist Plata Garza, who states, "in this painting, you see a collision of lines, shapes, and colors, each different, not in harmony, but hopefully awakening a new perspective in the viewer. Conflict, change, new ideas leading to new direction can be a positive and empowering experience."
Eastbound Train by Sandra Pearce

Eastbound Train

Sandra Pearce, 2017
Eastbound Train is a watercolor painting currently located at Hillsboro Civic Center Auditorium. It depicts Hillsboro’s light rail train from a unique viewpoint located at the top of a parking structure.
The Seeds of Orenco apple sculpture on a foggy day at Orenco Woods Nature Park

Seeds of Orenco

rhiza A + D, 2016
Seeds of Orenco is painted steel sculpture at Orenco Woods Nature Parks, the former grounds of the Oregon Nursery Company. The sculpture represents the Oregon Apple, the signature fruit grown by the nursery. 

Shute Seeds by Blessing Hancock

Shute Seeds

Blessing Hancock, 2016
Shute Seeds is a stainless steel sculpture located at the Shute Park Branch Library. The sculpture is a circular array of "seeds" with many motifs drawn from community input that cast colorful shadows onto the facade of the library building.

Unrushed at the Venetian by Thi Doan

Unrushed, at the Venetian

Thi Doan, 2016
Unrushed, at the Venetian, is an acrylic painting currently hanging in the Hillsboro Civic Center Auditorium. This painting captures a leisurely moment in downtown Hillsboro, exploring the paradox between a rapidly growing city and the relaxed café scene.

The arched bridge over Main Street is illuminated with an array of colored LED lights

Main Street Bridge Lighting

City of Hillsboro, 2015
The Main Street Bridge supports the MAX system's Blue Line light rail train as it crosses Main Street at 18th Avenue. The bridge's iconic arch was the first of its kind in the City when it was built in 1997. In 2015, the City replaced the aging small blue light fixtures with LED projectors to create a spectacular show every night and save on maintenance costs.

Rood Park Bridge by Anna Lancaster

Rood Bridge Park

Anna Lancaster, 2015
Rood Bridge Park is an oil painting currently hanging on the 5th floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center. The colorful painting captures the picturesque stone bridge in one of Hillsboro's signature parks.


Sequoia Collection

Sequoia Gallery + Studios, 2013 - 2015
The Sequoia Collection consists of 37 works donated by artists who are members of Sequoia Gallery + Studios, a Downtown gallery that the City partnered to create as part of Hillsboro's strong commitment to the arts. 

Reflected Past  by Beliz Brother

Reflected Past

Beliz Brother, 2015
Reflected Past is suspended overhead at the Orenco Station Plaza. Recalling the fruit trees that were grown on the land when it was the Oregon Nursery Company, the blossom shapes cast shadows on the plaza below.

Bird Child Travels Through History by Angelina Marino-Heidel

Bird Child Travels Through History

Angelina Marino-Heidel, 2014
Bird Child Travels Through History is a mural located at the Shute Park Branch Library. The mural depicts a child in a feathered cape on a journey through time and space. Pine needles, echoing the forest outside and the leaf patterns in the library windows, create a backdrop for images from petroglyphs, cave paintings, mythology and dance from around the world.

Shute Park Library Pavers by Lynn Adamo

Shute Park Library Pavers

Lynn Adamo, 2014
Shute Park Library Pavers are a series of mosaic pavers outside of the Shute Park Branch Library. The pavers were part of the library renovation, with designs inspired by the Douglas fir motifs etched into the library windows and Native American rock art. Members of the community participated in the fabrication of the pavers.

Dancing Chairs by James Schmidt

Dancing Chairs

James Schmidt, 2014
Dancing Chairs is a group of stainless steel sculptures located in the 53rd Avenue Community Park. These whimsical, animated chair sculptures are a quirky take on a common object and according to Schmidt are "an
abstraction of ourselves...set to look as if they are choreographed to dance together both day and night.”

Get Down with da Dirt by Suzanne Lee

Get Down with da Dirt

Suzanne Lee, 2014
Get Down with da Dirt is a series of stainless steel gates located at the David Hill Community Garden. This playful title is a reflection of the high school students who took pride in contributing their designs to these garden gates. Lee worked with students to research and create black and white silhouettes of different plants that she composed into panels that were laser cut in steel.

Quintessential Eve by Amanda Houston

Quintessential Eve

Amanda Houston, 2014
Quintessential Eve is a pastel painting currently hanging on the 5th floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center. The pastel painting was inspired by the vistas and sunsets between Hillsboro and Cornelius just to the west of the Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

Wine With Friends by Sandra Pearce

Wine with Friends

Sandra Pearce, 2013
Wine with Friends is a watercolor painting currently hanging on the 5th floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center. The watercolor was painted on location - en plein air - at Árdíri Winery and Vineyards in Hillsboro.

Barometer by Devin Laurence Field


Devin Laurence Field, 2013
Barometer is an interactive stainless steel sculpture located at the entry plaza of the Ron Tonkin Field at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex. Sound activated LED lights and musical instruments were incorporated into the sculpture to create an interactive experience for the visitors to the ballpark.

Stewards Gateway by Tim Gabriel

Stewards' Gateway

Tim Gabriel, 2013
Stewards' Gateway is a forged metal gate located at the North Viewing Shelter at Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve. The gateway represents the doorway to restoration and stewardship, incorporating cattails and wapato plants as a reminder of the time when the wetlands sustained Native Americans. The flora and fauna depicted include sensitive species found and protected in the Jackson Bottom Wetlands.

Painting titled El Número Seis by artist William Hernandez

El Número Seis

William Hernandez, 2012
El Número Seis is a painting by William Hernandez that expresses an imaginative, dreamlike, and at times melancholic world in his colorful style. The painting's permanent location is at the Walters Cultural Arts Center, but it is currently on loan to the City Manager's Office at the Civic Center.

Jackson Bottom Mist by Amanda Houston

Jackson Bottom Mist

Amanda Houston, 2012
Jackson Bottom Mist is a pastel painting currently hanging on the 5th floor of the Hillsboro Civic Center. This painting captures the serene landscape of Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve just minutes from downtown Hillsboro.

Rose Garden by Lynn Adamo

Rose Garden

Lynn Adamo, 2011
Rose Garden is a mosaic located in the Eastman Rose Garden. The mosaic was commissioned by the Hillsboro Parks and Recreation Department and Sandy Zajdel in memory of Stan Zajdel, an avid gardener, and supporter of the Rose Garden.

Magnolia Park by Lynn Adamo

Magnolia Park

Lynn Adamo, 2008
Magnolia Park is a mosaic foundation located in Magnolia Park. The mosaic paving was incorporated into the zero-depth water feature for the park. The artist and the landscape architect worked together to create a water play feature that was both artistic and functional.

Kids Games by Linda Haworth

Kids Games

Linda Haworth, 2005
Kids Games is a series of glass mosaics located in the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza. The mosaics showcase four traditional games that children have played for generations, reinforcing the notion of family, group interaction and healthy play.

Rvierbed by Lillian Pitt


Lillian Pitt, 2004
Riverbed is a series of 31 carved basalt columns located in the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza. Native American artist Lillian Pitt recreated the Columbia riverbed and surrounding cliffs incorporating reproductions of petroglyphs carved into the columns that define the landscape areas of the plaza.  

Mother Earth Father Time by Linda Haworth 

Mother Earth, Father Time

Linda Haworth, 2004
Mother Earth, Father Time is a pair of cast--glass sculptures located in the Hillsboro Civic Center Lobby. They illustrate the balancing act of governance in providing city services while preserving the natural environment.

The Grand Staircase by John Groth

The Grand Staircase

John Groth, 2004
The Grand Staircase is a series of fused glass stair panels located in the Hillsboro Civic Center. Bands of color lead the eye upward in the glass stairway with a design that evokes the rolling hills of the Washington County landscape created from precise tessellated shapes, a reference to the silicon forest industries.

Flight by Robert Middlestead


Robert Middlestead, 2004
Flight is a metal and glass hanging sculpture located in the Hillsboro Civic Center lobby. This sculpture was designed with the Hillsboro airport in mind because of its social and economic prominence and reflects the wing shapes of aircraft as well as birds.

Sequoia Frond by Brian Borrello

Sequoia Frond

Brian Borrello, 2004
Sequoia Frond is a steel laser cut and welded enamel sculpture located in the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza. This wall sculpture represents a branch from the huge sequoia trees that stand in front of the old courthouse across the street from the plaza.

Chief Kno-tah by Peter Wolf Toth, located at Shute Park, 800 SE Maple in Hillsboro

Chief Kno-tah

Peter Toth, 1987 - 2017
Chief Kno-Tah was a sculpture carved by artist Peter Toth as part of a series called “The Trail of Whispering Giants” for which he carved a statue in tribute to Native Americans in each of the 50 states. submissions from local residents. The statue was on display for 30 years until damage from a winter storm, extensive rot and insect infestation resulted in its removal.
A&W Burger Family

A&W Burger Family

The A&W Burger Family is a group of fiber-glass sculptures located at the Shute Aquatic & Recreation Center. The Burger Family is a unique remnant of the drive-in restaurant culture from the 50s and 60s. They are among the few that survive today across the country, and they were designated as a Cultural Resource in 1983 by the Hillsboro Planning Commission.

   Temporary Projects

Head Over Heels by Patrick Dougherty

Head Over Heels

Patrick Dougherty, 2017
Head Over Heels consists of seven sculptures created from Woven Willow and Red Twig Dogwood branches, located at the Orenco Woods Nature Park. More than 150 volunteers contributed over 1000 hours to help create this monumental, interactive sculpture from locally gathered plant materials to create a unique destination in the park.
Walking Warrior by Sharon Agnor

Walking Warrior

Sharon Agnor, 2016 – 2018
Walking Warrior is a stainless steel, fused glass and bronze sculpture located at the corner of 4th Ave and Main St in downtown Hillsboro. The sculpture stands at 5’7”, the same height as artist Sharon Agnor, and explores Agnor’s battle with stage 3 breast cancer.
Dynamic Orbits by Adrian Litman

Dynamic Orbits

Adrian Litman, 2016 - 2018
Dynamic Orbits is a stainless steel sculpture temporarily located on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Washington Street in downtown Hillsboro. The piece is based on the concept of contemporary science and is an artistic interpretation of the continuous energy movements and convergences in the Universe which influence our life on Earth on daily basis.

Oasis Gargoyles by Corey Lunn

Oasis Gargoyles

Corey Lunn, 2016
Oasis Gargoyles is a series of rain art drawings located on the sidewalk on East Main Street in downtown Hillsboro, between 2nd Avenue & 3rd Avenue. Oregon’s long rainy season inspired the creation of hidden artworks on the sidewalks of downtown Hillsboro - artworks that are only revealed when the rain falls.

Champion Flock of Weedeaters by Jed Berk

Champion Flock of Weedeaters

Jed Berk, 2015-2016
Champion Flock of Weedeaters was an interactive art installation that was a party of Hillsboro Arts Month. Quirky foam core sheep went on adventures with community members all around Hillsboro. Photos were then posted on Instagram and Facebook.

Fly to the Sun II by Jesse Swickard

Fly with the Sun II

Jesse Swickard, 2014-2016
Fly with the Sun II was a temporary public art installation located in downtown Hillsboro from 2014-2016. This sculpture explored the relationship between the nature of flight and the power of the sun.

Symphony of Light by Patrick Coan

Symphony of Light

Patrick Coan, 2013
Symphony of Light was a temporary video projection installation at the Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza. Bringing light and spectacle to the dark of a winter night, the circular stairway of the Hillsboro Civic Center was transformed into a unique canvas for art. Bands of colored light and patterns like glowing comets danced over the stairway in time to the music.

Hello Neighbor by Julie Keefe

Hello Neighbor

Julie Keefe, 2012 - 2014
Hello Neighbor was a series of photo banners, as well as photography exhibits that were located around the city of Hillsboro. The goal of the Hello Neighbor Project was to present faces of the neighborhood through the eyes of its young people. South Meadows Middle School students worked with photojournalist Julie Keefe, learning to take photographs and conduct interviews, making a quote from each interview an integral part of the portrait. Striking portraits of local residents appeared as banners on downtown buildings, in galleries and even on parks maintenance trucks.