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The Walters is accepting applications for its 2020-21 Gallery Call. Applications are due on November 30 by midnight.

Self Portrait by Loren Muntzert December 3 - January 24 


Judy Vogland presents 1971 – 2001 Hillsboro High School Graduates

As a highly anticipated sequel to Hillsboro High School’s 2006 exhibit at the Walters Cultural Arts Center titled “Coming Home,” celebrated educator Judy Vogland has gathered together works from twenty of her former art students who graduated between 1971 and 2001 that are now professional artists. The exhibit will feature a diverse array of media from artists working all over America who found their artistic start in Hillsboro, Oregon.

First Tuesday Receptions: December 3 and January 7 | 5-8 pm

February 4 - March 27

Entering with Relief Some Quiet Place by Amy Ferron


Nancy Helmsworth, Amy Ferron, Doug Anderson

In this exhibit, all three artists play with constructs of flow, movement, and change which result in highly evocative and diverse works. Helmsworth explores contradictory images of time, stacked meaningfully in bright imaginative horizon lines. Ferron creates visual elements of flow by combining abstract landscapes and unique upcycled atlases, maps, and charts. Anderson examines the concept of swash through creating a sense of “ever-changing elements,” which “are constantly being rearranged into countless temporary compositions.” Featured mediums range from watercolor, acrylic on wood, and mixed media.

First Tuesday Receptions: February 4 & March 3 | 5-8 pm

East Creek ArtApril 7 - May 22


East Creek Art, Don Jacobson

East Creek Art is a community art studio and retreat that features an Anagama wood-fired kiln, the first kiln of its kind built west of the Mississippi. Featured works were all fired in the Anagama, a collaborative process that takes several days, with all works “decorated by the river of flame and ash created by the wood-fueled kiln atmosphere.” Also featured are the photographic works of Jacobson, who artfully juxtaposes images from the “two landscapes in the west: the frozen ice formations of the Columbia River Gorge, against the thermal pools of Yellowstone National Park.”

First Tuesday Receptions: April 7 & May 5 | 5-8 pm 

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