Walters Gallery Exhibits

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Print Arts Northwest

December 4 - January 25

PAN Portfolio

by Print Arts Northwest

This exhibition exemplifies the astonishing range of creative inventiveness among Pacific Northwest printmaking artists. The Portfolio brings together 42 artists with distinct styles and techniques into a collection that is remarkably cohesive. The visual themes, color, form, line, and shape transcend similarities and differences across a variety of printmaking methods. As a result, the collection is reminiscent of the Pacific Northwest itself, which is so dramatically diverse in geography and culture and yet an indivisible whole.

Viewpoint Critique Group exhibition

February 5 - March 22

The Viewpoint Critique Group

Carol Barnett, Kathleen Buck, Patrice Cameron, Airi Foote, Evelyn Fritz, Anji Grainger, Chris Helton, Janice Holmes, Kat McCullough, Britt McNamee, Phyllis Meyer, Sunny Smith

 The Viewpoint Critique Group is a collective of women artists who support each other in the creation of new work across a wide range of media.  Rooted in the philosophy that the sharing of ideas inspires new forms expanded artistic expressions, this group fosters collaboration and the continual sharing of ideas, techniques, and feedback. This collection of work, curated by Kathleen Buck and Phyllis Meyer, represents the interconnected and cumulative power of the group’s philosophy in action.

The First Tuesday receptions for this exhibit take place on: February 5 & March 5 from 5 - 8 pm

Secret Rainbow exhibitionApril 2 - May 24

Secret Rainbow

Sue Parman, Carmen Sonnes, Lynne Taylor

Mystery abides in the colorful works of these three artists whose work pushes beyond the surface of the everyday. With prismatic colors and touches of surrealism, the paintings in this collection tell stories about the hidden dimensions that unfold all around or within us. Viewers are invited to a transcendent experience.

The First Tuesday receptions for this exhibit take place on: April 2 & May 7 from 5 - 8 pm

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