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February 6 – March 23

Rowena Crest by Yong Hong ZhongExperience Nature
by Yong Hong Zhong | Upstairs & Downstairs Gallery

This exhibit explores the restlessness and beauty of nature through the deep presence and awareness of painting en plein air—the act of painting outdoors from direct observation. Engaging all the senses of the artist, these paintings translate moments of intense and sometimes fraught connection between artist and landscape. Zhong’s collection is a beautiful homage to the everyday splendor that surrounds us. 

First Tuesday Receptions:

February 6 |  5 – 6:30 pm
Special Artist Walk & Talk from 6 - 6:15 pm where Yong Hong Zhong will share stories & perspectives on the exhibit. Music by Olivia + Rene (Mandolin Duo)

March 6 |  5 – 6:30 pm
Special Artist Demo from 6 - 6:30 pm. Music by Stan Cassell (Guitar).

April 3 – May 23 

FUSE by Jingzi ZhaoThe Fuse: Portland Dance Portrait Project
by Jinzgi Zhao | Upstairs Gallery

These photographs take dancers off the stage and put them on the playground of everyday life. The dancers in the photographs are like actors in movies. They are the storytellers. By integrating movement with surroundings, the photographs invite the audience to experience a moment, place, or scene with a sense of drama and humor.

Vanishing Point by Kate AmersandVanishing Point
by Kate Ampersand | Downstairs Gallery

When the Boardman Tree Farm was sold to an agricultural company in 2016, the sale signaled the end of an iconic Eastern Oregon landmark: a man-made poplar forest that ran along a six-mile stretch of I-84. The architecturally unique tree farm is being replaced by a mega-dairy farm and crop fields—a dramatic and permanent change. This collection of photographs presents images created by the artist during visits to the tree farm over several years. These images have captured the forest in different seasons, using three different types of cameras. Rather than tracking the forest’s demise, the artist chose to record its beauty and memory before it disappears forever, memorializing its shapes, colors, and moods for future generations.

First Tuesday Receptions:

April 3  |  5 – 6:30 pm
Music by Ryan Walsh.

May 1  |  5 – 6:30 pm
Special Artist Walk & Talk from 6 - 6:15 pm, where Jingzi Zhao will share stories & perspectives on the exhibit. Music by Will Dudley


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