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The City of Hillsboro's Emergency Management Office was first staffed in 1995 and is currently staffed with an Emergency Manager and Volunteer Services Coordinator. Emergency Management is housed in the Fire & Rescue Department and reports directly to the Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal.

Emergency Management is involved in a wide variety of activities, including:
  • Write and coordinate plans for the city's response to various disaster scenarios
  • Train city staff and elected officials in a coordinated response to various disaster scenarios
  • Equip, train and staff an Emergency Operations Center to manage the city's coordinated response to various incidents
  • Participate in county- and city-wide exercises which test our coordinated response to various disaster scenarios
  • Provide disaster preparedness information and training to city staff, businesses, and residents; includes group presentations and information booths at various events.
  • Train and equip residents to assist their family, neighborhood, and community following a disaster, specifically through our Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program
  • Coordinate plans and training with other public- and private-sector emergency managers across the county, region, and state
  • Participate in public safety planning and response for large events, such as the Oregon International Airshow Plan
  • Train and respond in compliance with the Department of Homeland Security's National Incident Management System and use lessons learned from the above activities to improve emergency management plans and programs

Tammy Bryan – Emergency Manager
Catherine Amerson – Volunteer Services Coordinator