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Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

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The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a way for people from all walks of life to learn valuable basic skills used during disaster response. Some of the skills include things such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. By using the training learned through CERT training, new members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace when professional responders are not immediately available to help.

Why join Hillsboro CERT?
The City of Hillsboro realizes the need for its citizens to have the ability to care for themselves and neighbors during and after a disaster. CERT training is one way to ensure this valuable ability. By becoming a CERT member, you will be taught how to prepare your homes and families for an emergency. Safety at home will allow the CERT team members the added ability to help their neighbors. Once neighborhoods are safe, CERT team members may be called on by City emergency workers to aid in disaster recovery elsewhere in the City.

How do I receive training?
CERT training in the City of Hillsboro follows the FEMA model and materials but is presented on a modified schedule to ensure retention of materials, to allow members to become familiar with each other, and to be more accessible to those who would like to attend.

CERT Basic Training is offered in April and October of each year. This 8-hour introductory course is offered in two, four-hour classes and is mostly in a classroom setting. This introductory course is open to anyone interested in learning how they can prepare for an emergency as well as those interested in becoming part of the Community Emergency Response Team.

Once you have completed CERT Basic Training and have chosen to become a member of the CERT team, you will begin to take continuing education courses (18 hours total). These are intensive, hands-on courses that ensure members understand and have practiced the skills needed to assist themselves and other after an incident. They are offered annually on the following schedule and are attended by new and veteran CERT members:

 Month  Course  Hours
 January  CPR/AED  3
 March  Basic First Aid  3
 May  Advanced Search and Rescue (SAR); Damage Assessment
 July  Advanced Triage  3
 September  Skill Enhancement  3
 November Emergency Communications: Spanish; Knot Tying

If you are interested in attending CERT training, please email