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Parks, Gathering Places & Activities

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Civic Center Plaza; Celebrate HillsboroProviding community gathering places and leisure opportunities where residents can come together and have meaningful and enriching experiences is a key focus of our efforts as a city. The City of Hillsboro has created a variety of wonderful places in our community and programs for citizens and visitors to come together and experience social, cultural, recreational and educational activities.

The City's public spaces include our beautiful parks, libraries, civic center, athletic fields and sports complexes. Our libraries in particular have expanded essentially into community centers, helping residents of all ages and cultural backgrounds to meet their informational, educational, professional and recreational needs. Expansion of the second floor of the Brookwood Library has been completed, as well as a beautiful rebuild of the Shute Park Library. These projects doubled the public library space and allow for even better services. The plaza in front of our Civic Center downtown serves as a great venue for all kinds of celebrations and community interaction, and the Orenco Station Plaza provides a new and exciting urban-feeling public gathering place.

Magnolia Park spraygroundOur Parks and Recreation Department’s outstanding programs, facilities and more than 1,500 acres of parks and open space make significant contributions to Hillsboro’s quality of life. The Glenn and Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center is a regional arts and entertainment venue and also provides community-centered arts education.

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