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Planning Prescreen Review

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Planning Prescreen and Preliminary Completeness Review

Planning land use applications are subject to prescreen and preliminary completeness review, which is a preliminary review to ensure proper file naming standards of your electronic files, and for minimum submittal requirements for your specific land use application.

If corrections are needed to your file names, you will be notified by ProjectDox of the corrections needed, and you will be asked to upload the files again with the correct file naming standards. Your Case File Planner will work with you to delete the files with incorrect file names (remember, you can only delete files during the initial Applicant Upload task, and not after you have completed the task. See "Uploading Your Files" for instructions for deleting files.)

If the Case File Planner reviewing your application finds that your application submittal does not meet the minimum submittal requirements pursuant to applicable regulations, your application may be deemed incomplete. You will be notified by ProjectDox of the corrections needed, and in addition, a letter detailing the incomplete items will be mailed to you.

Prescreen Rejection

If your submittal requirements were not complete, you will receive a “Prescreen Correction Request Task Assignment” e-mail notification that prescreening has been denied and corrections are needed similar to the screen below.

Click the link in your email to access the ProjectDox site and log in.

An example of the email notification is shown in the image below. 

Planning Prescreen Corrections Email

The task will appear in your Task List below the Active Projects List.

Select the new Prescreen Corrections Task to open the e-form and view the correction items.  

Prescreen Corrections Task

The Prescreen Corrections eForm, will open in a new window.

After reviewing the Task Instructions, select the “Click Here for Prescreen Checklist” button to view comments. There may also be useful information included in the Reviewer Comments box towards the bottom of the form.

Prescreen Correction Review Task

After you have compiled the missing or corrected drawings and/or documents, you may upload them to your project (see the “Uploading Your Files” section for instructions).

  • Click on the Prescreen Corrections task in your Task List, if it is not already open. 
    Note: If the task eForm is closed, you must initiate the “Prescreen Corrections” task identified previously.
  • Place a checkmark in the “I have uploaded the corrected…”, and the “Return to City of Hillsboro” button will become active.
  • Click on this active button to complete the task. If you are not ready to complete this step, you can click on the “Close” button and come back later to the complete the task.

Prescreen Correction Complete Task

Prescreen Approved

If your submittal is approved, it will immediately move into the formal review process. You will receive an email notification stating that your application has been deemed complete, and that review has begun. You will not be able to upload new files during this review period.