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Building Department

  • Earthquake Preparation

    • What can I do to make my house more earthquake safe?

    • Is my house, apartment building or business built to withstand an earthquake? What about schools, hospitals or senior care facilities?

    • What is the Hillsboro Building Department doing to prepare for a possible major earthquake?

    • How would the Hillsboro Building Department respond after a major earthquake?

    • Does it require a building permit to do a seismic retrofit?

    • Who can do the work to make my house or building more earthquake safe?

  • General

    • Is my property in Hillsboro City limits?

    • Where can I file contractor grievances?

    • What are the City of Hillsboro noise hours?

    • Where can I file building violation grievances?

    • What are the current codes adopted by the City of Hillsboro?

    • If I am having my project done by a licensed contractor, should I rely on my contractor to get the permits?

    • Do I need a permit for my project?

    • What can I build without a permit?

    • How much does a permit cost?

    • What if I made an alteration to my home without realizing I needed a permit and want to correct the situation - will I be subject to a fine? Do I have to tear the whole project down and start over?

    • If I take out a permit to remodel a home built ten years ago, do I build to the code in effect when the home was originally built?

    • If I remodel my house, do I have to bring the entire home up to the codes in effect today?

    • Why should I use licensed contractor?

    • Do I have to have a license to do work on my own home?

    • Do I have to have my plans drawn by a Professional Designer, Architect or Engineer?

    • Why do I need inspections? Do I have to pay for these inspections?

    • How do I get an inspection?

    • When do I need a permit for building a deck?

    • When do I need an electrical permit?

    • When do I need a plumbing permit?

    • When do I need a mechanical permit?

    • What if complying with a code is too costly, difficult or I don't agree with the code - can the City waive the requirement?

    • In what order do I request inspections?

    • What is a "C of O", and do I need one?