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  • Municipal Code

    • How do I look up City laws?

    • How do I report a violation of the Municipal Code?

  • City Code & Ordinances

    • What is a resolution?

    • What is an order?

    • What is an ordinance?

    • What is the Charter?

  • City Government & Services

    • I want to attend a City Council meeting. What kind of information do I need to know?

    • Can I speak at a City Council meeting?

    • How do I apply to serve on a City commission, board or committee?

    • How do I contact a City Councilor?

    • How do I contact the Mayor of Hillsboro?

    • How do I file for the position of Mayor or City Councilor?

    • How do I find my legislative representative at the state and national levels?

    • How do I register to vote?

    • How do I review agendas and materials to be considered at the next City Council meeting?

    • How will this help preserve net neutrality?

    • Who is the City Attorney?

    • Why is the government competing with private companies?

  • Civic Center

    • How do I apply to hold an event in the Civic Center Plaza?

  • Permits, Licenses & Passports

    • How do I apply for a liquor license for my business in Hillsboro?

    • How do I apply to hold an event in the Civic Center Plaza?

    • I want to have a block party in my neighborhood. Do I have to apply for a permit?

    • I want to hold an event in the right-of-way in Hillsboro. Do I need a permit?

    • Where can I apply to get my passport?

    • Where can I get a copy of my marriage license?

  • Public Records

    • How do I find someone buried in the Pioneer Cemetery?

    • How do I get information about marriage certificates or vital records?

    • I want to obtain a copy of a City record. What do I do?

  • Residential Services

  • Social Services

    • Where can I go to get the services I need?

  • Your Community

    • How can I learn more about Hillsboro 2035?