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City Organizational Sustainability Plan

SustainabilityPlanCover - Updated 021913The Sustainability Plan details the structure and process of the City's sustainability efforts, including long range goals, principles, committee and working group structure, past and ongoing efforts and new opportunities. The plan identifies what sustainability means to the City as an organization, where we are, where we want to go in the long term, and the process that will allow us to achieve our sustainability goals.




Energy Management Plan Link to pdf document

The Energy Management Plan (EMP) institutionalizes best practices for City energy management through documentation of facility and other infrastructure operations as well as continual energy monitoring and measurement. It is a guide to continued operations and maintenance of the energy improvements the City has made and it defines how facilities and other infrastructure should be operated (heating, cooling, water use, etc.) to support the City's sustainability goals and to benefit its customers.

The EMP includes City facilities and public utility infrastructure located in the public right of way and easements, including heating and cooling of buildings and lighting of roadways and parking lots. The EMP encompasses both existing and future facilities and defines policies and processes to ensure the most efficient use of energy and water.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

2007-2016 Hillsboro GHG_Report FINAL

Hillsboro completed its first-ever assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from City operations in February 2010. The Green House Gas (GHG) inventory measured emissions from City operations including energy use, City fleet, transportation, travel and emissions from the purchase of goods and services. The inventory serves as a baseline against which actions to reduce emissions will be measured over time.

2007-2016 Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

2007-2016 Greenhouse Gas Trends Analysis