Managing finances for the City of Hillsboro is a big responsibility that we take seriously. We know that good, sound fiscal stewardship is vital to the City’s long term success. The Finance Department is charged with maintaining the financial integrity of the City. 

The City has weathered economic ups and downs very well throughout our history, thanks in part to the commitment to fiscal stewardship and responsibility that is shared throughout our organization. In all that we do, we adhere to Oregon budget law, local, state and federal compliance regulations, and fiscally conservative principles for financial management. The City of Hillsboro has earned national recognition for its annual budget and comprehensive annual financial statements.

This work doesn’t happen behind closed doors or at the hands of a select few people. Finance touches all other departments within the City, and works collaboratively with them to ensure a sound financial structure is in place so they can provide excellent service to the community.

The Finance Department has many responsibilities including overseeing the budget process and managing the finances for the City. Call us with questions about:

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