Utility Billing

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We're Moving to Monthly Utility Bills!

Starting in October 2017, the City of Hillsboro Utility Billing will begin switching customers who have been traditionally billed on a bi-monthly basis to monthly billing. This process will be implemented over the course of approximately 18 months, with a goal of having all customers transitioned to monthly billing before 2020.

View a map showing areas of the City currently billed monthly, and those who will be transitioning in fall 2018. 

The remaining City customers will transition to monthly billing sometime in 2019.

Monthly billing will allow customers the opportunity to improve budget planning, manage water consumption on a monthly rather than bi-monthly basis, and be alerted to possible leaks in a timely manner. Customers will receive a letter of notification prior to their transition to monthly billing.

Utility Billing is a work group within the Finance Department and is responsible for the billing and maintenance of customer accounts. Utility bills may include charges for water, Transportation Utility Fee (TUF), Sewer and Surface Water Management (SWM). The City of Hillsboro Utility Billing customer service personnel are committed and proud to provide the community the highest quality customer service possible.
Photo of Barney resevoir from the air
The WATER, SEWER, SWM AND TUF service boundaries do not follow the City's boundaries. Therefore, some customers may have a different water provider and will only receive a bill from the City of Hillsboro for Sewer, SWM and TUF charges. Most residential customers receive a bi-monthly bill. Each billing cycle for these customers is approximately 60 days, depending on the date the meter is read. Some customers will be billed monthly.

Aerial Picture of the J.W. Barney Reservoir and E.S. Mills Dam southwest of Hillsboro, nestled high in the coast range, the J.W. Barney Reservoir stores a maximum of 20,000 acre feet or 6,517,020,000 gallons, of raw water that makes its way into the City's water system via the upper Tualatin River.