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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Outdoors In

    • Are adults allowed on the play structure or climbing wall at Outdoors In?

    • Are food and drinks allowed at Outdoors In?

    • Are pinatas allowed at my Outdoors In rental?

    • Are restrooms, with a changing table available at Outdoors In?

    • Are shoes required to play at Outdoors In?

    • Can I have more than 70 people at my Outdoors In rental?

    • Can I leave my child at Outdoors In while I run out for a moment?

    • Can my friends/family get the resident rate during Outdoors In Public Play if we are all together?

    • Can Outdoors In be rented for a private party?

    • Can we be let in earlier to Outdoors In or stay longer than our rental?

    • Can we come in during Outdoors In Public Play to celebrate a birthday?

    • Does an Outdoors In punch card cover one child, or a family?

    • Does Outdoors In accept toy donations?

    • Does Outdoors In have passes available for purchase?

    • How do I know if I'm a Hillsboro resident?

    • How many kids are allowed in per adult at Outdoors In?

    • If we come in to Outdoors In to play during the morning Public Play, are we able to come back for the afternoon Public Play at no cost?

    • Is Outdoors In wheelchair accessible?

    • Is there an area to park my stroller?

    • Is Wi-Fi available at Outdoors In?

    • My older child is 12-17 years old is not planning on playing when they come to Outdoors In with my younger child(ren) and me, do I still have to pay for them?

    • What does the $50 cleaning fee entail?

    • What forms of payment are accepted at Outdoors In?

    • What is Outdoors In?