Spraygrounds, Water Play & Pools

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 Walnut Street sprayground

 Little girl playing at 53rd sprayground

 Water jets at 53rd Avenue Sprayground


Spraygrounds are water playgrounds providing a fun, free and accessible way to cool off on a hot summer day. Here in Hillsboro there are many spraygrounds to enjoy.

The spraygrounds and fountains are turned on the Friday before Memorial Day and shut down at the end of the day on September 10. All spraygrounds are turned on by 10 am every day and turn off at 8 pm. The one exception to this is the Jerry Willey Plaza at Orenco Station. It is turned on by 10 am with the jets turning off at 7:30 pm and the waterfall turning off at 11:30 pm.


Magnolia Park (1810 NW 192nd Avenue)

Magnolia Park is Hillsboro's first park with a zero-depth water play feature with spray jets.  It is located within easy viewing of the picnic shelter and picnic area. Magnolia Park opened in August 2008. The sprayground water is potable and is recycled into the park's rain garden. The sprayground is user activated and is operable during the summer.

53rd Avenue Community Park (300 NE 53rd Avenue) 

The sprayground at 53rd Avenue Community Park has been a hit with children of all ages since it opened in May 2010. It features geysers, spray elements and a curved seating wall. The feature has a programmed spray sequences that provides a sense of whimsy and delight. An automatic timer activates the feature during warmer daylight hours during the summer. The water at the sprayground is recycled and sanitized through filtration.

Walnut Street Park  (1717 SE Walnut Street)

Notice:  Walnut Street Park splash pad is off until further notice due to park construction.

The sprayground at Walnut Street Park features brightly colored above ground elements that spray and mist that are user activated. The sprayground is located between the playground and pavilion. The sprayground water is potable and is recycled into the park's rain garden.

Jerry Willey Plaza at Orenco Station (943 NE Orenco Station Loop)

A small water feature, perfect for toddlers to play in, is located near the oak trees. Water flows out of the rock retaining wall and up from small sprayers in the plaza.

Civic Center Fountain (150 E Main Street)

The Civic Center Fountain is a public water feature that serves as a great place for children and adults to cool off in Downtown Hillsboro. The fountain is open daily from 8 am to 8 pm, from the first Saturday in May through October 31, depending on weather conditions and events in the plaza. 

Water Play

Orenco Woods Nature Park has a unique water play feature that runs alongside the nature play area. Old fashioned water pumps produce water that flows down a man-made creek into a sandy area. There is also a wheel that can be turned to flow water into the creek.


Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center (SHARC) is the home of two indoor Main pool at SHARCpools, a spa pool and sauna as well as an outdoor pool which is closed  from September - June. The outdoor pool is used by the Hillsboro Heat and Hillsboro School District during the off season.

The main indoor pool is headed to 84º and features an L-shaped design including a diving board in the 12-foot deep end and a 3.5 foot shallow end. The pool features a 117 foot curved water slide.

The warm water pool has a railed ramp and railings in the 4'6" deep end to aid swimmers with accessibility and in deep water therapy. The pool offers a teacup feature with warm water spilling from overhead. Children seven years and under must be accompanied in by an adult in the water at all times.