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Jackson Bottom

Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

  • Are there any dangerous or poisonous animals that I should be aware of?

  • Are there Bald Eagles at Jackson Bottom?

  • Are there other hazards I should worry about?

  • Can I bring in an animal specimen (or a recently deceased animal) to add to your collection?

  • Can I bring my dog? Can I ride my bike?

  • Can I collect animals or plants, such as for a school project?

  • Can I get to Jackson Bottom on TriMet or by bike?

  • Did you kill the animals in your specimen collection?

  • How long has Jackson Bottom been in existence?

  • How was the eagle's nest removed?

  • I am a leader of a local scout troop, can we come out and work with your staff to earn our badge?

  • I am an Eagle Scout who would like to do a project at the Wetlands.

  • I found a baby bird / injured raccoon / lost turtle / etc. Can I bring it to you?

  • I want to bring my class out for a field trip.

  • I want to help out, how do I volunteer?

  • Is the Bald Eagle nest real?

  • Is the eagle nest from Jackson Bottom?

  • My class raised tadpoles (or butterflies, etc) and now they’re ready to be released. Can we release them at Jackson Bottom?

  • What animals will I see in the Preserve?

  • What can I see and do at Jackson Bottom?

  • What rules apply to the bald eagle’s nest?

  • What was that weird animal I saw that looked like a beaver but had a rat tail?

  • Where is Jackson Bottom Wetland Preserve located? How do I get there? How much does it cost to visit?

  • Who owns the eagle nest?

  • Who was Jackson Bottom named after?

  • Why are there ducks nesting by my swimming pool? What should I do?