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Water Exercise Class Descriptions

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SHARC LogoAM Energizer: Get Up & Get Fit! Gear up for this morning class that will get you ready for the work day! Expect to raise your heart rate and have fun doing it. A high impact aerobic class for the early risers so you can kick off your day energized!

Aqua Core & More: Deep water and shallow water workouts can provide different benefits to our workouts. This class will provide a total body workout with the benefits of both. Class is for all levels and moves from deep water to shallow water throughout the class using various water exercise equipment. 

Photo of Water Exercise ClassAqua Intervals: Burn more fat in less time.  Want to add a twist on your standard aquatic cardio workout that carries even greater benefits?  By adding cardio intervals, you can significantly boost your body’s fat-burning ability as well as overall health and cardiovascular fitness.  All fitness levels are welcome.

Cardio Building: Limited equipment used in this class and open to all levels. We work on reaching our target heart rate with various cardio challenging activities in both shallow and deep water. Running on land may not be your thing, but in water…it just might be!

Circuit Jam: This class will take place in the shallow and deep water, but options for only shallow or only deep will be provided.  Workout will include cardio circuits, strength building circuits, core strengthening, Tabata’s and some choreographed routines done to a variety of music.  The class will be easily modified for the beginner as well as the more athletic participant.  

Deep Water Fitness: Enjoy a great workout while balanced in water with a buoyancy belt. Burn calories and tone your upper and lower body. Class takes place in mostly the deep water, but we do head to the shallow part of the pool as well.

Power Plunge: This class is a great way to re-energize you as it takes place in both the shallow and deep end of our Main Pool. This challenging class is sure to increase endurance and provide a great aerobic workout.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC): Maximize your workout with this fast-paced workout for intermediate to advanced levels. The class provides both cardio and resistance training while emphasizing proper form for improving core and total body strength. Instructor will take participants through a variety of exercises including intervals and circuits in deep and/or shallow water.

Warm Water Fitness: People who suffer from arthritis and joint injuries will benefit from this conditioning class; however everyone is welcome to join. These classes are held in the warm water pool.

Water Exercise Class Reminders

  • Take a cleansing shower before entering the pool, as required by facility policy and Oregon Department of Health.
  • Pool environments are frequently noisy, so please face your instructor as much as possible. The instructor will cue exercises both physically and verbally.
  • Water exercise classes can be a fun environment to exercise with opportunities to socialize; however, do realize it still is an exercise class. Please refrain from distracting other members of the class. If you become involved in a conversation with someone, move to the side or back of the class so you do not distract participants who are following the instructors' directions.
  • Exercises are designed for the entire class and are not designed to tailor each individual's specific needs. Some exercises may not be appropriate for all participants. If an exercise is too difficult or not challenging enough, you can slow down or modify the exercise to accommodate your desired level of exertion. You know your body's limitations and abilities so please make the modifications needed to ensure you have the best workout possible.
  • Ask your instructor for modifications if needed.
  • It is appropriate to consult with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program.
  • Please help our instructors by putting the equipment away at the end of class.
  • Our facility hosts many different aquatic programs. To ensure enjoyment and safety of all participants please help share the pool space.
  • Classes may be canceled based on attendance and instructor availability. Classes may be canceled if less than five participants are present 10 minutes after starting time. Class instructors are subject to change.