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Winter Village Questions

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  • How big is the rink?

  • What is the entry cost and are there any discounts?

  • How long can I stay on the ice?

  • What if I arrive with only 10 minutes left in a session?

  • Is there an opportunity for wheelchair skate?

  • Do I have to fill out a waiver before I skate?

  • Do you offer skating lessons?

  • Where are the restrooms located at Winter Village?

  • Can I rent out the venue for a private party?

  • Can I bring in my own food/drinks/water?

  • If my child only sits on a Bobby, does he or she still need an ice skating ticket?

  • What is a Bobby skating aid rental?

  • Is it real ice? Is it cold?

  • What if it rains or snows? What about a weather closure?

  • When are the busiest/less crowded times?

  • What is the capacity on the ice?

  • Where is parking?

  • Where is the Winter Village at Jerry Willey Plaza located?

  • Do I have to pay if I’m not ice skating? Is re-entry allowed?