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Hillsboro's Comprehensive Plan Update Project

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The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s long-term land use and transportation framework that establishes goals and policies to guide growth and development. The last complete update of the Comprehensive Plan was in 1983 and, since then, the City has more than tripled in population and doubled in land area.

After the creation of the Hillsboro 2035 Community Plan in 2015, the Planning Department began work to take a fresh look at the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Using the 2035 Plan as its foundation, the Comprehensive Plan Update digs a little deeper to reflect the community’s vision and aspirations when planning for day-to-day City actions, particularly those related to land use and transportation. Comprehensive Plan Cover

During the more than two-year update process, we have worked with over 600 residents, employees, business owners, community partners, and stakeholders to answer several important questions, including: What should Hillsboro look like in 25 years? How can we provide housing choices for our families, create jobs, build neighborhoods where people can walk to shops and parks, and ensure that our community stays safe in the future? The Comprehensive Plan Update will help Hillsboro continue to grow in a way that respects our hometown values, while leveraging innovative practices and technologies to ensure our City remains the great place it is today.

Check out our project website to view the Comprehensive Plan Update. The draft document is scheduled to be considered for adoption by the City Council in November. Following review and acknowledgement by the Department of Land Conservation and Development, the Comprehensive Plan Update is anticipated to go into effect in early 2018.

Project Contacts
For more information, contact Laura Weigel or Ally Holmqvist in the Planning Department, or call 503-681-6153.