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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Animal Regulations

    • Why did the rules about poultry and livestock in the City change?

    • Can I keep chickens (poultry) on my property?

    • How do you define poultry?

    • Can I keep livestock on my property?

    • Do I need a building permit for my animal enclosure?

    • Can I keep bees on my property?

    • Where can I get a City Animal Permit form? How much does it cost?

    • Who reviews my City Animal Permit?

    • I’m moving, do I need to get a new City Animal Permit?

    • I’m annexing into the City, do I need to get a City Animal Permit?

    • Do I need a City Animal Permit for my dogs, cats or rabbits?

    • What if my property doesn’t qualify for poultry, bees or miniature livestock?

  • Book Club

    • Who is responsible for the books in the kits when they are checked out?