Connecting Hillsboro Address Project

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Hillsboro residents and businesses will enjoy better service delivery and a stronger community identity through the Connecting Hillsboro Address Project. Some residents' and businesses' addresses have changed as the program has replaced County road numbers and addresses with City street numbers and addresses.

Until recently, locations in the City have used City of Hillsboro and Washington County addressing systems, plus two non-Hillsboro ZIP codes. The Project establishes a consistent addressing system by reconciling the City of Hillsboro and Washington County address grids.

Common Questions

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  • Why is my street name/address changing?

  • My address changed. What do I need to do?

  • When will Google Maps, Mapquest, and other GPS be updated?

  • How will the City of Hillsboro help my neighborhood with the transition?

  • What should I do as a resident or business owner to make this transition easier for me?

  • How do I know when my transition period is over?

  • Will my apartment number or suite number change?

  • I live on a private street. What will happen with my apartment/condominium complex's unique private street signs?

  • 97006 is my ZIP code. Do I use Beaverton or Hillsboro as the city in my mailing address?

Questions About the Connecting Hillsboro Address Project

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  • How does this change help City of Hillsboro Fire and Police departments?

  • When would emergency service providers begin to use the new addresses?

  • How are street name changes determined?

  • Why does the City of Hillsboro use its own address grid, instead of the grid for Washington County or Portland?

  • Why is the City moving forward with the address project now?