Transportation System Plan Update

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Public Involvement

The City of Hillsboro is committed to public involvement at each stage of the TSP update process. Email to subscribe to our mailing list and receive updates about upcoming events and milestones. Here are the current opportunities where we are actively looking for your input and participation:

Upcoming Events

We are gearing up for the second phase of public outreach for the TSP Update.  Catch us at a transit station or library pop up or come visit us at one of the following events to learn more about the proposed improvements that will respond to our community's transportation needs:

Members of our business community should join us at our Open House on May 30th from 3:30 to 5:00 pm at the Brookwood Library.

About the Update
The Planning Department is currently updating the City of Hillsboro's Transportation System Plan (TSP), the blueprint for the City’s transportation investments over the next 20 years. The TSP helps guide transportation-related decision making to serve Hillsboro’s diverse users within the context of Hillsboro’s vision for the future. The State of Oregon requires every local jurisdiction to create a Transportation System Plan to help guide transportation infrastructure planning and investments. The TSP includes a list of transportation infrastructure projects to assist in planning ahead for projected growth, identifying service gaps, and meeting future needs.

The TSP is updated periodically to adjust for the City’s growth and to stay compliant with the latest State and regional regulations.  Hillsboro's TSP must be coordinated with Washington County's TSP (2014) and consistent with Metro's Regional Transportation Plan (2018).  The City of Hillsboro last updated its TSP in 2004, while portions of the document date back to 1999.  Since 2004, the City has conducted about a dozen periodic amendments to reflect rapid growth and community change.  For instance, in 2012 and 2013, the TSP was amended to incorporate planning for the North Hillsboro, Amberglen and South Hillsboro areas.

The current TSP update will be a comprehensive revision of the entire document. With the recent adoption of the City of Hillsboro’s Comprehensive Plan update, now is an excellent time to strategically update the TSP to accurately reflect new transportation goals and policies, as well as community priorities. City staff will examine the needs and deficiencies of the current system, identify solutions to existing issues, and evaluate alternative actions to develop a fiscally attainable transportation plan. The update is underway and is expected to last through 2019.

Transportation System Plan Fact Sheet

View our work to date.

Advisory Committees

The TSP has two advisory committees: the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and the Steering Committee (SC).

The TAC consists of technical staff from partner agencies who provide guidance and feedback on the technical aspects of the TSP. The SC consists of community representatives and stakeholders with demonstrated interests in public service and the City’s transportation issues. The SC helps keep the TSP update aligned with the community’s vision by providing guidance and direction throughout the process.

Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events
Check below for upcoming meetings and events, project materials, and archived information. Meetings are held in the Hillsboro Civic Center at 150 East Main Street Hillsboro, Oregon 97123.

Past Events



Steering Committee Meeting #3  3/04/2019 Meeting Packet
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #3  2/27/2019 Meeting Packet
Steering Committee Meeting #2
11/29/2016 Meeting Packet
Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #2
Meeting Packet

Steering Committee Meeting #1


Meeting Packet

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting #1


Meeting Packet


Contact Us

For questions or project information, please contact Brad Choi, Transportation Planner at or 503-681-5203.