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Mission, Vision, and Values.    

In order to succeed, an organization must not only possess all three, but actively work each and every day to live all three.

Our mission includes:

  • Working with the community to prevent and suppress crime.
  • Developing a creative, diverse, and professional workforce.
  • Serving people sincerely and professionally.
  • Earning and holding public trust.
  • Building valued partnerships.
  • Honoring justice through fairness.

K9 Rocket  - NNO 2019Our vision is actively and effectively working with the community through the strength of our humanity, the principles of integrity, loyalty, and our progressive spirit.

Each day, the members of the Hillsboro Police Department seek to uphold these words in the service they provide to the City of Hillsboro and its community members. However, our mission and vision are merely words without the most critical piece of this equation: values.

We value justice. If a community member becomes the victim of a crime, we will fairly, impartially, and thoroughly investigate the offense to hold offenders accountable. We provide our services to all members of this community, regardless of their race, religious affiliation, country of origin, immigration status, or any other factor.

We value diversity. We seek to recruit and retain a cadre of employees representative of the population we serve. The City of Hillsboro is one of the most diverse communities in the Pacific Northwest. We appreciate and value the role we play in this community serving residents and visitors of diverse backgrounds.

We value trust. Trust is the cornerstone of policing. We engage our community through conversation and interaction to consistently build trust. We are honest in our intentions and honest in our approach.

We value innovation. “The Hillsboro Way” is a real thing. We provide our members with cutting edge training to ensure they are well-prepared for the dynamic situations officers face each day. We encourage our employees to think outside the box, and seek the unique approaches to address community and livability issues, such as helping those experiencing homelessness.

We value service. More specifically, we value customer service. When a community members calls on us, we expect our employees to treat them with dignity, respect, and compassion.

We value courage. We value the courage to think outside the box. We value the courage to show our humanity. We value the courage to serve and protect this wonderful community.

Above all, there’s one value we’ve not formally stated, but it’s the driving force behind our mission, vision, and values. We value this community and the opportunity to serve it.

We value you.

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