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Police Department FAQ

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  • Municipal Code

    • How do I look up City laws?

    • How do I report a violation of the Municipal Code?

    • What is the curfew law in the City of Hillsboro?

  • About Us

    • How do I commend an officer or report concerns regarding officer conduct?

    • Where is the Hillsboro Police Department located?

  • Neighborhood Livability Concerns

    • Are chickens allowed in the City of Hillsboro?

    • As a resident or tenant am I required to have garbage service in the City of Hillsboro?

    • How bad must my neighbor’s tall grass and weeds get before it is in violation?

    • How many dogs or cats can I have in the City of Hillsboro?

    • Is there a Code that addresses barking dogs?

    • Where can I dispose of unused/unwanted prescription medication?

    • Who do I contact to report a barking nuisance in my neighborhood?

  • Non-Emergency Reporting

    • I want to apply for a Restraining Order - can I do this at the Hillsboro Police Department?

    • Someone stole my property and my insurance company is requesting a police report - do i need to have an officer take a report or can I just come into the Police department?

    • Who do I call to report a non-emergency crime or to speak with an officer?

  • Public Records

    • How do I get a copy of a police report?

    • How do I request a background check for myself or another person?

  • Sex Offender Registrations

    • Does the Hillsboro Police Department conduct sex offender registrations?

    • Where can I obtain information on registered sex offenders?

  • Traffic Laws & Vehicle/Bike Issues

    • Am I allowed to do vehicle repairs on my vehicle in the street or on my private property?

    • Can I block my own driveway?

    • Can I get more than one citation per day?

    • Can I park my recreational vehicle, trailer or boat on a city street?

    • How far away do I need to safely park from a fire hydrant?

    • How long can I park my car on the street?

    • In downtown Hillsboro, I often see signs that say “same block face”. What does this mean?

    • Is it illegal to park facing oncoming traffic?

    • My house is on a street with 2 hour parking zones - can I get a permit that exempts me from the 2 hour time limit?

    • Parking seems to be limited in downtown. Why is that and do you have suggestions to avoid it?

    • What are the child safety seat laws?

    • What are the laws regarding the use of helmets?

    • What is the difference between a regular handicap space and a van accessible space?

    • Where do I find information on bicycle laws?

    • Where do I find the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) laws?

    • Where do I go to pay my traffic citation?

    • Who do I call for current road conditions? When do I need to remove my studded tires?

    • Why is there so much 2-hour parking downtown?

  • Vehicle Towing

  • Victim Resources

    • If I have property that had been stolen and was recovered, who do I contact to obtain my property?

    • What if I have a question about the status of my case?