Portable Radar Sign Program

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Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving; perhaps a little late for work or an Image of a Portable Radar Signappointment. You round the corner and there it is, a POLICE CAR! In the same split second, you hit the brakes (ever so quickly, but subtle enough not to draw attention) and glance at your speedometer. Most of us would say, “YES! It’s happened to me.”

Perhaps lately, it’s not been a police car, but rather a portable radar sign you’ve seen around town. In 2010, the Hillsboro Police Department purchased one of these signs. As a result of an overwhelmingly positive neighborhood response, HPD acquired an additional four portable radar signs the following summer.

These portable radar signs are not to be confused with photo radar. Though they have the capability to gather speed data, the signs are used to raise awareness about driver speed, and hopefully cause a change in behavior.

Like many police agencies, one of the chief frustrations we hear about from residents is neighborhood speeding. The concern is understandable; kids playing ball, riding bikes and scooters, people walking dogs, and the general uneasiness a speeding vehicle can create, especially in a neighborhood.

Increased police presence and enforcement is one option, and an option that is certainly used. However, from a practical perspective, officers can’t be everywhere at once. So, utilizing other tools to change driver behavior is important. Portable radar signs are a tool, and one that is working well here in Hillsboro.

Request a Portable Radar Sign

To request a portable radar sign in your neighborhood, send us an email about your traffic concern

Please note that not all locations are suitable for the portable radar signs and certain criteria must be met.